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This show focuses on what is happening in Silicon Valley and beyond with regard to technology, art, green and sustainability. We cover stories on home and commercial buildings, wineries, farming, clean-tech, art, transportation, energy, smart grid and other topics that touch our lives on a weekly show.

SVTAGS has in-studio talk show set episodes interviewing various guests by Host and Executive Producer, Heather N. Durham, and also features some on-location episodes.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Heather N. Durham

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0002 SVTAGS BuildingWise - Green Buildings00:27:570.68/N/A4/0
0003 SVTAGS Eric Corey Freed - Organic Architect00:28:360.70/N/A3/0
0004 SVTAGS Architects & Builders Roundtable00:29:160.71/N/A2/0
0005 SVTAGS Theater Consultants00:28:180.69/N/A3/0
0006 SVTAGS Rochelle Ford - Artist00:28:040.68/N/A2/0
0007 SVTAGS Iris Harrell - A Green Home00:28:060.68/N/A3/0
0008 SVTAGS Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter00:28:370.69/N/A1/0
0009 SVTAGS Sustainable Silicon Valley00:28:150.69/N/A1/0
0010 SVTAGS Lori Krein - Artist00:28:310.69/N/A1/0
0011 SVTAGS Hari Sripadanna - Architect00:28:120.69/N/A1/0
0012 SVTAGS Woodrow Clark II - Clark Strategic Partners00:28:010.68/N/A1/0
0013 SVTAGS Harrell Remodeling00:28:090.69/N/A1/0
0014 SVTAGS Alliance Manufactured Homes & Skyline Homes00:28:370.70/N/A1/0
0015 SVTAGS Novicomm LED Lighting00:28:080.68/N/A1/0
0016 SVTAGS Smart Grid Library00:28:060.69/N/A1/0
0017 SVTAGS Environmental Institute of America00:28:030.68/N/A1/0
0018 SVTAGS Silver Mountain Winery00:28:460.68/N/A1/0
0019 SVTAGS Green Chamber of Commerce00:28:210.69/N/A1/0
0020 SVTAGS Cinequest00:28:160.69/N/A2/0
0021 SVTAGS Legacy Thru Giving & Far East Living00:27:530.68/N/A1/0
0022 SVTAGS Iris Harrell & Pam Walton "Documenting a Green Home"00:28:110.68/N/A1/0
0023 SVTAGS Eric Drew Foundation00:28:180.68/N/A1/0
0024 SVTAGS Eucalyptus Magazine00:28:300.68/N/A1/0
0025 SVTAGS Green Economy with Sheet Metal Workers Union and Green Wren00:29:380.71/N/A1/0
0026 SVTAGS Acterra "Be the Change" and the Bay Area Air Quality Managment District00:28:450.70/N/A1/0
0027 SVTAGS Will Tait - Sustainable Artist00:28:090.66/N/A1/0
0028 SVTAGS Health and Sustainability00:28:020.68/N/A1/0
0029 SVTAGS "On Location" GreenTech Summit00:28:160.68/N/A1/0
0030 SVTAGS Alrie Middlebrook of Middlebrook Gardens00:27:410.64/N/A1/0
0031 SVTAGS City Lights Theatre00:28:090.68/N/A1/0
0032 SVTAGS "Five Feet From the Moon" Artists Studio00:28:400.63/N/A1/0
0033 SVTAGS Alternative Health00:28:250.67/N/A1/0
0034 SVTAGS Morroco's Restaurant00:27:370.84/N/A1/0
0035 SVTAGS Earthbound Homes "Chemistry meets Green Building"00:28:070.46/N/A3/0
0036 SVTAGS Picnicguild and Organicopia00:28:150.64/N/A1/0
0037 SVTAGS Habitat for Humanity Silicon Valley00:28:130.34/N/A1/0
0038 SVTAGS "On Location" West Coast Green00:28:300.68/N/A1/0
0039 SVTAGS Dreamalings Founder Jaime Abromovitz00:28:120.46/N/A1/0
0040 SVTAGS Pamela Rose - Singer Performer00:26:000.42/N/A1/0
0041 SVTAGS Michael Killen - Artist and more...00:28:360.45/N/A2/0
0042 SVTAGS Energy Upgrade CA and Santa Clara County Office of Sustainability00:28:240.46/N/A1/0
0043 SVTAGS Bow Rodgers - Entrepreneur and more...00:28:110.46/N/A1/0
0044 SVTAGS "On Location" US Green Building Council (USGBC) Northern CA Chapter - Silicon Valley Branch00:25:540.60/N/A1/0
0051 SVTAGS Senior Roundtable00:28:290.47/N/A1/0
0052 SVTAGS The Lavender Lady00:26:220.63/N/A1/0
0053 SVTAGS Chinook Book00:28:250.46/N/A1/0
0054 SVTAGS EcoTuesdays Founder00:28:110.46/N/A1/0
0055 SVTAGS Transportation and Cleantech Roundtable00:28:530.48/N/A1/0
0056 SVTAGS Trialliant and Smart Grid00:28:380.47/N/A0/0
0057 SVTAGS "On Location" President Bill Clinton at ARPA-e Energy Summit00:28:260.68/N/A1/0
0058 SVTAGS Three Mayors from the League of CA Cities 00:28:290.68/N/A2/0
0059 SVTAGS Surfs Up and so is Sustainability00:28:370.68/N/A1/0
0060 SVTAGS Will Maller - Plein Air Art00:25:440.61/N/A1/0
0061 SVTAGS City of San Jose Bike Share Program00:22:310.53/N/A1/0
0062 SVTAGS Green Jobs Training00:28:260.68/N/A1/0
0063 SVTAGS Making A Community Difference00:28:350.68/N/A1/0
0064 SVTAGS Zero1 2012 Biennial "Seeking Silicon Valley"00:28:290.68/N/A1/0
0065 SVTAGS - Happy Hollow Park and Zoo00:28:300.68/N/A1/0
0066 SVTAGS "On Location" Zero1 2010 Biennial "Build Your Own World"00:28:280.70/N/A1/0
0067 SVTAGS Magnolia Copenhaver Esq. - DUI law, public safety and more!00:28:130.68/N/A1/0
0068 SVTAGS Dark Horse Gym home of Nor Cal Fight Factory00:24:270.58/N/A1/0
0069 SVTAGS Bay Area Climate Collaborative00:27:220.65/N/A1/0
0070 SVTAGS Breathe California00:28:250.68/N/A1/0
0071 SVTAGS Triple Pundit00:28:250.69/N/A1/0
0072 SVTAGS Motiv Power Systems00:28:330.68/N/A1/0
0073 SVTAGS EcoTuesdays Silicon Valley with the ladies that run it!00:28:180.66/N/A1/0
0074 SVTAGS Menyah Healing Creative Arts00:28:200.68/N/A1/0
0075 SVTAGS Fountain Blue00:28:090.68/N/A1/0
0076 SVTAGS Re-Volv "Crowd Funding"00:28:040.67/N/A1/0
0077 SVTAGS SunWork Renewable Energy Projects00:26:290.64/N/A2/0
0078 SVTAGS NPC Solar00:28:120.67/N/A2/0
0079 SVTAGS RideZu00:27:490.67/N/A2/0
0080 SVTAGS BagSpeak - Youth Environmental Education00:28:030.68/N/A2/0
0081 SVTAGS Legal Shield - Identity Theft00:28:360.69/N/A1/0
0082 SVTAGS Childrens Musical Theater00:28:120.68/N/A0/0
0083 SVTAGS Live the Dream Foundation00:28:080.68/N/A0/0
0084 SVTAGS McKenna Landscaping - Green Landscaping00:28:060.67/N/A0/0
0085 SVTAGS Bay Maples California Gardens - Sustainable Landscaping00:28:080.66/N/A0/0
0086 SVTAGS CatSnaps Photography00:28:020.65/N/A0/0
0087 SVTAGS Grateful Garment - Aid to Sexual Assault Victims00:28:070.66/N/A0/0
0088 SVTAGS Lockwasher Design - Sustainable Art00:26:410.55/N/A0/0
0089 SVTAGS Center for Biological Diversity - Fracking00:28:130.65/N/A0/0
0090 SVTAGS - Sustainable Silicon Valley - Update00:28:000.67/N/A0/0
0091 SVTAGS - Wooden Bicycles00:28:160.66/N/A0/0
0092 SVTAGS ELD Energy - CleanTech Autos00:27:300.65/N/A1/0
0093 SVTAGS 13th St Cat Rescue00:27:540.66/N/A0/0
0094 SVTAGS Kelly Estes - Author of Cost of Courage00:28:030.65/N/A0/0
0095 SVTAGS Center for Spiritual Living00:27:320.65/N/A0/0
0096 SVTAGS Going Evergreen - Community Group00:27:520.67/N/A0/0
0097 SVTAGS Womens Roundtable of Non-Profits Silicon Valley00:28:180.68/N/A0/0
0098 SVTAGS Mike Killen - Art for NASA00:28:010.66/N/A0/0
0099 SVTAGS Janis Carney EASEPlan Legal00:28:000.66/N/A0/0
0100 SVTAGS Open Space Authority00:27:530.65/N/A1/0
0101 SVTAGS Popularity Tech00:27:480.68/N/A0/0
0102 SVTAGS Sheriff Laurie Smith00:28:360.68/N/A0/0
0103 SVTAGS Reel Eagle Productions00:27:440.66/N/A0/0
0104 SVTAGS Pinshape - Tech Startups00:26:270.61/N/A1/0
0105 SVTAGS The Artisans00:27:540.62/N/A0/0
0106 SVTAGS Eric Corey Freed On Location00:28:240.65/N/A0/0
0107 SVTAGS Trilliant - Update Show00:28:360.68/N/A0/0
0108 SVTAGS Tour de Coop00:28:300.69/N/A0/0
0110 SVTAGS Slow Food Movement00:28:140.66/N/A0/0
0111 SVTAGS Lori Krein Show 200:28:030.67/N/A0/0
0112 SVTAGS Politics00:28:070.66/N/A0/0
0113 SVTAGS Alexandra Kennedy Family Therapist00:28:080.68/N/A0/0
0114 SVTAGS Happy Hollow Park & Zoo 201400:27:560.66/N/A0/0
0115 SVTAGS Sports Medicine00:27:560.65/N/A0/0
0116 SVTAGS Sonya Paz Pop Cubism Artist00:28:120.62/N/A1/0
0117 SVTAGS Robert Scoble Futurist & Blogger00:28:260.63/N/A1/0
0118 SVTAGS Community Focus00:27:360.62/N/A1/0
0119 SVTAGS Voices United00:27:370.67/N/A0/0
0120 SVTAGS Pets in Need00:27:190.65/N/A0/0
0121 SVTAGS Pacific Coast Farmers00:27:050.65/N/A1/0
0122 SVTAGS Landscape Designer Cevan Forristt00:28:140.58/N/A1/0
0123 SVTAGS NV Drones & Freakin' Sweet Apps00:28:030.65/N/A2/0
0124 SVTAGS Sustainable Cotton Project00:28:180.67/N/A1/0
0125 SVTAGS Colorblind Artists Studio00:28:170.66/N/A1/0
0126 SVTAGS Selby Winery00:28:100.68/N/A1/0
0127 SVTAGS Organicopia 201500:28:170.55/N/A0/0
0128 SVTAGS ON Commercial Construction00:26:500.58/N/A1/0
0129 SVTAGS Santa Clara Valley Water District00:27:400.59/N/A0/0
0130 SVTAGS The Bee Guild00:28:040.65/N/A1/0
0131 SVTAGS Electric Vehicles00:27:420.65/N/A4/0
0132 SVTAGS Holly Van Hart - Artist00:28:210.63/N/A1/0
0133 SVTAGS Green Festival00:28:020.67/N/A1/0
0134 SVTAGS Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley Chapter00:25:580.59/N/A1/0
0135 SVTAGS Changing a Generation00:28:080.66/N/A2/0
0136 SVTAGS Donald Neff - Artist00:27:580.63/N/A1/0
0137 SVTAGS Alexandria von Bromssen - Fashion Designer00:27:550.59/N/A1/0
0138 SVTAGS Cartelligent00:27:220.65/N/A1/0
0139 SVTAGS Artist Paul Sable00:27:490.58/N/A1/0
0140 SVTAGS Michael Coates - Clean Fleet Report00:27:500.55/N/A1/0
0141 SVTAGS Elisabeth Kindig Technology Evangelist00:28:080.66/N/A1/0
0142 SVTAGS Goodwill Silicon Valley00:28:000.66/N/A0/0
0143 SVTAGS Issues Today00:28:030.67/N/A0/0
0144 SVTAGS Academic Film Archive00:27:540.67/N/A1/0
0145 SVTAGS Arcimoto00:28:000.64/N/A1/0
0146 SVTAGS Savers00:27:140.64/N/A0/0
0147 SVTAGS Andrew Zong 80 Day Challenge00:26:000.63/N/A1/0
0148 SVTAGS Nature Speaks00:27:440.61/N/A1/0
0149 SVTAGS Trish O Neil - Author & Advocate00:27:540.65/N/A1/0
0150 SVTAGS Family Giving Tree00:27:410.62/N/A1/0
0151 SVTAGS Soroptimist International - Sierra Pacific Region00:28:130.66/N/A0/0
0152 SVTAGS Janice Arnold - Felt Artist00:28:060.61/N/A1/0
0153 SVTAGS San Jose Museum of Art00:27:460.63/N/A1/0
0154 SVTAGS Del Carlo Studios00:27:590.66/N/A2/0
0155 SVTAGS Business Women of Silicon Valley00:27:410.65/N/A0/0
0156 SVTAGS "stok" Green Real Estate00:27:540.58/N/A0/0
0157 SVTAGS Women in CleanTech Sustainability00:28:050.66/N/A1/0
0158 SVTAGS Peninsula Clean Energy00:26:440.56/N/A1/0
0159 SVTAGS Artists Kevin Richman & Patrali Paul 00:27:590.64/N/A1/0
0160 SVTAGS iTexico00:27:470.66/N/A2/0
0161 SVTAGS Tech in Motion00:28:170.67/N/A2/0
0162 SVTAGS United Nations Association Silicon Valley00:28:140.68/N/A1/0
0163 SVTAGS Smith & McCain Fragrance Company00:27:560.67/N/A0/0
0164 SVTAGS The Dating Muse00:27:240.63/N/A2/0
0165 SVTAGS "Brides Green Choice" Sustainable Wedding Products00:27:580.65/N/A3/0
0166 SVTAGS The Nature Conservancy00:28:120.62/N/A2/0
0167 SVTAGS Author Sandra Desch - Katrina Flowers series00:22:540.55/N/A1/0
0168 SVTAGS Energy Health Specialist00:28:250.64/N/A1/0
0169 SVTAGS Alternative & Chinese Medicine00:28:110.68/N/A1/0
0170 SVTAGS Social Entrepreneur Olga Enisco Smith00:28:180.66/N/A1/0
0171 SVTAGS Auto Tech Boom00:28:130.66/N/A1/0
0172 SVTAGS Good Karma Bikes00:28:210.67/N/A1/0
0173 SVTAGS Hallcrest Vineyards - Organic Winery00:28:240.68/N/A1/0
0174 SVTAGS Sally Asanet - retired UN Court Reporter and Author00:27:560.61/N/A0/0
0175 SVTAGS Laughing Glass Cocktails00:24:370.58/N/A1/0
0176 SVTAGS Cyber Switching00:27:240.64/N/A1/0
0177 SVTAGS The Trash Punx00:28:070.67/N/A1/0

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