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Lee Danek, from our Thyme In The Kitchen show, has always had a passion for baking. In fact, Ooma's Cookie Jar was the name of her business in Spencer, MA. It was a favorite place for pastry lovers to go to see what treat she, also known as Ooma, had prepared that day. Now retired from her business, Lee is sharing her recipes and techniques in her show. Visit the show's site:

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Ooma's Cookie Jar is similar to Thyme In The Kitchen. In Oomas, Lee Danek goes solo covering pastries.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Ground Glass Productions

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1208 OCJ Premier - Shortbreads00:26:590.70/N/A14/0
1209 Bars And Squares00:28:310.67/N/A15/0
1209B Two Pumpkin Recipes00:29:520.70/N/A18/0
1209C Apple Recipes00:34:360.82/N/A17/0
1210A Bundt Cakes00:38:000.90/N/A9/0
201210 All About Tarts00:29:430.70/N/A15/0
20121201A Holidays 2012 Part 100:26:050.61/N/A11/0
20121201B Holidays 2012 Part 200:27:380.65/N/A12/0
20130211 Hello Chocolate!00:37:370.89/N/A13/0
20130228 Pate-A-Choux V200:39:010.92/N/A6/0
20130811 Mousse Cakes00:59:500.99/N/A11/0
20130906 Danish Pastry00:42:260.99/N/A8/0
20131108 Holidays 201300:30:350.72/N/A9/0
20140325 Charlottes00:36:460.87/N/A8/0
20140325B Retro Cakes 201400:27:280.65/N/A12/0
20150216 - Ooma's Cookie Jar - Coffee Cakes00:41:170.97/N/A9/0
20150415O - Going Bananas00:50:560.99/N/A10/0
20160302 Polish Pastries00:48:220.93/N/A9/0
20160402 OCJ Buns00:30:470.93/N/A9/0
20160421 OCJ Pudding00:32:520.94/N/A11/0
20160521 OCJ Brownies00:28:110.70/N/A11/0
20170217 OCJ Czeck, Polish, French Pastry00:39:430.99/N/A6/0
20170318 OCJ Whoopie Pies00:40:160.99/N/A11/0
20170707 OCJ It Goes With Coffee00:28:180.71/N/A12/0
Celebrations - Let's Party!00:39:170.92/N/A8/0
Ooma's Cookie Jar Holiday Treats 201400:37:000.87/N/A14/0

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