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Hot and Cold is about building and renovating houses as well as updating with new types of insulation and alternative energy. It's somewhat the tone of a This Old House, but in Hot and Cold, the host, Tom Gocze, is the expert and does the work. Tom gets his hands dirty as he explains how homeowners can do a lot of the work themselves or be more knowledgable if they were to hire someone.

This show is excellent and would rank among the top in community television in interest to the audience and applicability to a wide audience. The production is single camera, but very good quality video, audio and content. A number of shows are currently uploaded with many more to come. This show is shot in Maine, but can play anywhere there are houses.

The video for this show is anamorphic, meaning it's shot at 720x480, but is letterbox. Most servers can handle this properly, but you should download a test version to make sure yours will.

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New shows will be on YouTube in HD.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Hot and Cold Productions

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001 Hot and Cold Insulation I.mpg00:25:360.61170
002 Hot and Cold Insulation II.mpg00:25:400.61143
003 Hot and Cold Window Jambs.mpg00:25:330.61128
004 Hot and Cold More Insulating.mpg00:24:520.59117
005 Hot and Cold Shingling I.mpg00:24:110.58111
006 Hot and Cold Shingling II.mpg00:25:090.60105
007 Hot and Cold Hardieplank.mpg00:24:500.59100
008 Hot and Cold Back Wall.mpg00:24:470.5992
009 Hot and Cold Weatherstripping.mpg00:25:200.61119
010 Hot and Cold Lithium Tools.mpg00:26:070.6289
011 Hot and Cold Prius.mpg00:25:360.6188
012 Hot and Cold Vinyl Replacement Windows.mpg00:25:300.61108
013 Hot and Cold Hearth I.mpg00:24:570.6090
014 Hot and Cold Hearth II.mpg00:26:570.6584
015 Hot and Cold Pellet Stove I.mpg00:25:260.6186
016 Hot and Cold Pellet Stove II.mpg00:24:560.6084
017 Hot and Cold Pellet Stove with Dick Hill.mpg00:23:040.5578
018 Hot and Cold Humidity with Dick Hill.mpg00:25:370.6185
019 Hot and Cold Ceilings #1.mpg00:25:170.6082
020 Hot and Cold Ceilings #2.mpg00:25:310.6181
021 Hot and Cold Electric.mpg00:22:060.5387
022 Hot and Cold Dricore.mpg00:23:100.5568
023 Hot and Cold Flooring.mpg00:25:500.6287
024 Hot and Cold Electric Trick II.mpg00:27:190.6574
025 Hot and Cold Seeding.mpg00:24:420.5979
026 Hot and Cold Basement Bulkhead.mpg00:25:220.6072
027 Hot and Cold Foam In Bulkhead.mpg00:26:140.6366
028 Hot and Cold Cabinet Preparation.mpg00:26:090.6376
029 Hot and Cold Wall Cabinets.mpg00:26:320.6376
030 Hot and Cold Base Cabinets.mpg00:24:190.5874
031 Hot and Cold Countertops.mpg00:25:410.6180
032 Hot and Cold Wiring I.mpg00:26:170.6282
033 Hot and Cold Wiring II.mpg00:26:030.6279
034 Hot and Cold Wiring III.mpg00:25:080.6072
035 Hot and Cold Septic I.mpg00:26:460.4474
036 Hot and Cold Septic II.mpg00:26:270.4367
037 Hot and Cold Septic III.mpg00:24:330.4064
038 Hot and Cold Another New House 1.mpg00:22:390.3647
039 Hot and Cold Bathroom 1.mpg00:24:590.4059
040 Hot and Cold Bathroom 2.mpg00:22:030.3557
041 Hot and Cold Bathroom 3.mpg00:26:400.4357
042 Hot and Cold Bathroom 4.mpg00:24:530.4057
043 Hot and Cold Bathroom 5.mpg00:25:290.4154
044 Hot and Cold Manabloc.mpg00:23:440.3844
045 Hot and Cold Biasi Boiler.mpg00:26:200.4241
046 Hot and Cold Amtrol.mpg00:24:530.4038
047 Hot and Cold Floors and Walls.mpg00:25:130.4049
048 Hot and Cold Cracks and Drains.mpg00:24:270.3945
049 Hot and Cold Chores.mpg00:26:440.4343
050 Hot and Cold Dec Argh.mpg00:26:050.4234
051 Hot and Cold Siding 2.mpg00:25:070.4036
052 Hot and Cold Silverline Windows.mpg00:24:480.4037
053 Hot and Cold Toilet.mpg00:25:180.4047
054 Hot and Cold Office Space.mpg00:25:350.4144
055 Hot and Cold New House, New Season.mpg00:26:330.4241
056 Hot and Cold Kitchen Insulation.mpg00:26:430.4344
057 Hot and Cold Kitchen 2.mpg00:24:420.3944
058 Hot and Cold FloorTiling.mpg00:26:470.4345
059 Hot and Cold Tile Floor, Wood Floor and Window Problem.mpg00:25:480.4149
060 Hot and Cold Cracks.mpg00:26:240.4251
061 Hot and Cold Tile Countertop.mpg00:25:300.4151
062 Hot and Cold House 2.mpg00:25:430.4139
063 Hot and Cold Stairs and Basement.mpg00:25:030.4046
064 Hot and Cold Roth Oil Tanks.mpg00:26:080.4236
065 Hot and Cold Legacy Flooring.mpg00:26:340.4243
066 Hot and Cold Ceiling Lights.mpg00:25:160.4047
067 Hot and Cold Tiling 2.mpg00:25:310.4139
068 Hot and Cold Tile-05-1.mpg00:25:380.4135
069 Hot and Cold Grout.mpg00:25:330.4145
070 Hot and Cold Jotul.mpg00:26:040.4234
071 Hot and Cold Storm Windows.mpg00:25:090.4045
072 Hot and Cold Tour 1.mpg00:24:250.3933
073 Hot and Cold Trex Railing.mpg00:25:400.4139
074 Hot and Cold Tour 3.mpg00:24:410.3931
075 Hot and Cold Storm Door.mpg00:24:270.3945
076 Hot and Cold Radiant Panel Biasi.mpg00:26:030.4238
077 Hot and Cold Pipes and Mold.mpg00:26:090.4248
078 Hot and Cold Nichols.mpg00:24:550.4032
079 Hot and Cold Nyle Heat Pump.mpg00:23:570.3841
080 HotCold Paint Your Roof.mpg00:25:170.4046
081 HotCold Peat Septic Layout .mpg00:26:240.4234
082 HotCold Peat Moss Septic .mpg00:24:220.3932
083 HotCold Presby.mpg00:23:020.3733
084 HotCold Springtime in Maine.mpg00:25:530.4135
085 HotCold Steps.mpg00:26:080.4251
086 HotCold Beavers and Chimneys.mpg00:24:340.3942
088 HotCold Frostheaves.mpg00:25:340.4145
089 HotCold Garbage Disposal.mpg00:24:160.3950
090 HotCold Gizmo.mpg00:23:070.3744
091 Hot and Cold Gypcrete.mpg00:24:550.4043
092 Hot and Cold Hill Stove.mpg00:23:030.3741
093 Hot and Cold Water Filter.mpg00:26:560.4352
094 Hot and Cold Winter Cleanup.mpg00:27:010.4346
095 Hot and Cold Wood Fired Hybrid Elec Truck.mpg00:26:390.4346
096 Hot and Cold Penobscot Theater 1.mpg00:25:470.4134
097 Hot and Cold Penobscot Theater 2.mpg00:25:540.4135
098 Hot and Cold Penobscot Theater 3.mpg00:23:440.3834
099 Hot and Cold Penobscot Theater 4.mpg00:24:100.3933
100 Hot and Cold Penobscot Theater 5.mpg00:25:320.4135

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