Detail For Show: Choice -Then and Now, From the Back Alleys to the Supreme Court and Beyond

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–A series of Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning documentaries on reproductive rights–
These films shed light on issues surrounding abortion rights in the US, turning points in legislation and the current crisis in access to safe abortions.

This award-winning series of four documentaries, produced with PBS, focuses on the human dimensions of the historical, medical, and political issues surrounding abortion. People on the front lines during the "back-alley" days, as well as those involved now, speak candidly. Interviews include supportive clergy who organized underground networks, legislators who worked to counteract anti-choice legislation, physicians who risked their careers and women who themselves went to the back-alleys.

The Reproductive Rights series includes four films:

  • Part 1: WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL: Untold Stories. 28 min.
  • This film reveals the physical, emotional, and legal consequences when abortion was a criminal act. Women, doctors and health care workers describe the challenges they faced. Family members share remembrances.

  • Part 2: From DANGER to DIGNITY: The Fight for Safe Abortion. 57 min.
  • After more than a century of restrictive, life-endangering abortion laws, a national movement toward safe, legal abortion began in the 1960s. “From DANGER to DIGNITY” weaves together the evolution of underground networks that helped women find safe abortions, and the intensive efforts by activists and legislators to decriminalize abortion. This film ends with the original audio recording of Sarah Weddington arguing before the US Supreme Court in 1973.

  • Part 3: The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE: Abortion in the USA Today. 57 min. NEWLY UPDATED!
  • The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE traces the current climate of legislative restrictions, shortage of trained providers and ongoing violence aimed at doctors and it includes current statistics, as well as the 2009 murder of an abortion provider in Kansas.

  • MOTHERHOOD by CHOICE, Not Chance. 27 min.
  • Based on the trilogy, From the BACK-ALLEYS to the SUPREME COURT & BEYOND, this film is an overview of the highlights from each of the three films (When Abortion was Illegal, From Danger to Dignity, and The Fragile Promise of Choice). MOTHERHOOD by CHOICE brings alive the history of the struggle for women's reproductive rights in the U.S. and the facts about the current threat to those rights.

  • Protect CHOICE! 28 mins.
    A Call to Face the Escalating Threat to Women’s Rights
  • This show is highlighted by a discussion with a distinguished panel and a preview screening of riveting new vignettes culled from our Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning films by Dorothy Fadiman's Trilogy on reproductive rights.

    Featuring discussion panelists:
    Dr. David Sobel, Director of Patient Education for a large healthcare organization
    Lupe Rodriguez, Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
    Brianna Schwanke, Young women's health activist
    Dorothy Fadiman, award-winning filmmaker
    Johanna Gereke, Curator

    Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance reproductive rights.

    All PEG Stations are welcome and have permission to broadcast these films as well as any of our other films which we produce

    Notes to Stations About This Show:

    Never since before ROE v. WADE have Reproductive Rights been at greater risk!

    “If Roe v. Wade is undone, women will still look for abortions. What we are going to see is the same number of abortions, but with an increase in fatalities.”
    - Reverend Ignacio Castuera (Excerpt from “The Fragile Promise of Choice”)

    Film discussion points and further resources can be found here:

    Personal statement by the filmmaker (Dorothy Fadiman):
    My motivation for this work was personal. In 1961, I became unintentionally pregnant and almost died from a blindfolded, back-alley abortion. Every year, anti-choice legislators introduce new restrictions limiting access to legal abortions. Voters should be aware of candidates’ positions on this issue.
    All PEG Stations are welcome and have permission to broadcast these films as well as any of our other films which we produce

    To download for free the 7 minidocs/short films and 25 clips(very short films), please visit this link

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