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Show Description:

The Open to Hope Show with Dr Gloria and Dr Heidi is for people who have suffered the loss of someone they love.

Dr Gloria Horsley and Dr Heidi Horsley, a mother-daughter team of therapists who specialize in grief and loss, tackle the tough topic of death and how one can go on to find hope after the death of a loved one.

The shows feature expert guests from all over the country who share their insights into how they figured out how to continue after their own significant losses. Episodes also include segments with live music, cooking demonstrations, and crafts and skills that will help in the healing process.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The show is produced in Palo Alto, CA, in front of a live audience, but, because death and loss touches everyone, the potential audience includes the entire nation.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: The Open to Hope Foundation

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#13: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit00:28:030.6311
#19: Rebuilding Life After Loss00:28:000.679
Episode #11 Spousal Loss: Spiritual and Physical Aspects of Loss00:28:000.667
Episode #12: Families Coping With Suicide00:28:000.669
Episode #18: Grief Tool Box00:27:590.664
Episode 10:Men Women and Death-Grief Relief TV00:27:590.669
Episode 14 Grief Relief TV: Coping With Death of a Twin00:27:260.644
Episode 17, The Emotions of Grief00:28:010.675
Episode 1:Handling the Loss of a Child-Grief Relief TV00:58:360.9913
Episode 20: Finding Meaning After Loss00:28:000.675
Episode 21: Missing Children00:27:590.665
Episode 22 Missing Adults.mpeg00:27:560.675
Episode 23: Loss as an Inspiration for the Creative Process00:27:590.635
Episode 24: Siblings the Forgotten Mourners00:27:570.665
Episode 25: Healing With Art and Humor00:02:190.055
Episode 26 Drug and Alcohol Deaths00:28:500.686
Episode 2: Spouse Loss-Grief Relief TV00:19:330.4412
Episode 31: Forgiveness 00:27:580.674
Episode 3:Coping With Pregnancy Loss and Infertility-Grief Relief TV00:28:450.6712
Episode 4:Bereaved Siblings-Grief Relief TV00:30:270.999
Episode 6:Traumatic Loss-Grief Relief TV00:28:020.9910
Episode 7:Project Grace-Grief Relief TV00:27:580.668
Episode 8: Empowering Bereaved Families After a Murder-Grief Relief TV00:27:580.669
Episode 9: Friends and Death-Grief Relief TV00:27:450.6610
Holiday Episode-Grief Relief TV00:55:340.997

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