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Rock Your Block depicts positive activities in the community from business, educational, political, and social environments within the Washington Metropolitan Corridor.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Would be of interest to Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia as well as across the nation.
Home State: Rock Your Block is produced in Fairfax County, Virginia. The show is family oriented.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Southeast (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maryland

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Tijuana Young

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0008 Lynns Unique Jewelry00:27:120.45/N/A7/0
0009 Bryan Young Freelance Videographer00:20:220.33/N/A6/0
00101 Black Farmers in America00:26:550.44/N/A6/0
00102 RYB Meet Candalada00:28:300.47/N/A2/0
00103 RYB Chef Lynette Jackson00:25:470.42/N/A3/0
00105 RYB Part2 Series on Black Farming in America.mpg200:27:220.45/N/A3/0
00106 RYB Larry Laws Interviewes CandaLada Part 2.mgp200:26:420.44/N/A1/0
00107 RYB with Larry Laws and Ross Levine00:27:040.56/N/A2/0
00108 RYB Cooking with Chef Lynnette and Gregory00:27:510.58/N/A4/0
00109 RYB with Joseph Clark and Edward Coleman of SCORE00:27:290.57/N/A1/0
0011 James Jack for Ernestine J. Wilson Real Estate00:27:540.46/N/A4/0
00116 RYB Tia and Edwin Nichols on Black Lives Matter00:27:200.56/N/A2/0
00117 RYB Tia interviewing Dionne Calhoun00:27:320.57/N/A1/0
00119 RYB Working with Your Keller Williams Real Estate Professional00:28:460.67/N/A2/0
0012 Brynda Johnson for Egyptian Secrets International00:28:160.46/N/A4/0
0015 Rock Your Block Egyptian Secrets Exercising with Brynda Johnson and Tonya Walton00:25:400.42/N/A3/0
0016 Rock Your Block - Dr. Alancia Wynn00:27:070.45/N/A4/0
0022 Julia Smith for Hair Care00:27:460.46/N/A8/0
0024 Belly Dancing with Camilla Karam.mgp00:26:560.44/N/A6/0
0027 Rock Your Block First Home Alliance with Tia Young and Larry Laws Sr00:27:540.46/N/A2/0
0029 Rock Your Block Homes Radio with James Jack00:27:150.44/N/A1/0
0030 Rock Your Block with Tia Young and Dr. Edwin J Nichols on Stop & Frisk Laws00:28:000.46/N/A3/0
0031 Rock Your Block Homes Radio with James Jack and Donna Hurley00:27:110.45/N/A2/0
0032 Rock Your Block with MicroSoft and Tia Young with Rick Green on Windows 800:27:240.45/N/A2/0
0034 Rock Your Block Egyptian Secrets on Women and Power with Brynda Johnson & Don Moragne00:27:330.45/N/A3/0
0035 Rock Your Block Homes Radio with James Jack and Lonnie Ford00:26:450.44/N/A2/0
0036 Rock Your Block The Eyes Have it with Tia Young, Dr. David Goldberg & Dr. Alexander Melamud.pmg00:26:300.43/N/A3/0
0037 Rock Your Block Home Inspection Review with James Jack and Alton Webb00:27:590.46/N/A2/0
0038 Rock Your Block with Tia Young and Kevin Hailstock on Website Development and Design00:26:350.44/N/A3/0
0039 Rock Your Block with Homes Radio, James Jack and Leonard S Greenberger00:26:540.44/N/A2/0
0040 Rock Your Block with Tia Young and Larry Laws, First Homes Alliance00:25:510.42/N/A2/0
0041 Introspective Time Capsule with James Jack00:26:510.56/N/A3/0
0042 Brynda Johnson with WOW Moments with Don Moragne00:25:440.42/N/A2/0
0043 Middle America Insurance Crisis Part 100:26:250.55/N/A2/0
0044 Middle America Insurance Crisis Part 200:27:410.58/N/A2/0
0051 ICOD Too Many Rules by Alma Haygood00:26:400.55/N/A2/0
0052 ICOD Dr. Denise Wilson Have You Considered My Servant Job00:27:470.58/N/A2/0
0052 James Jack and Dawn Mabery on Grant Development00:26:300.44/N/A2/0
0053 ICOD An Honest Talk About Civil Rights in American and Ferguson00:26:590.56/N/A2/0
0053 RYB 495 Metro with Trudy and Ed Richardson Introduction to Segment00:27:020.44/N/A2/0
0054 ICOD Part2 Rev Dr. Sharon Anderson and Dr. E Faye Williams on Ferguson.mgp00:27:270.57/N/A2/0
0055 RYB 495 Metro New Year Resolutions, Part 1 with Trudy and Ed Richardson00:26:300.44/N/A1/0
0056 RYB featuring 495 Metro with Trudy and Ed Richardson Resolutions Part 200:26:150.43/N/A2/0
0057 RYB Larry Laws and Gwendolyn Walton on New Home Purchases00:26:100.43/N/A2/0
0058 Rock Your Block with Michelle Overton and Dr. Anna Ouspenskaya and Music Students00:25:390.63/N/A3/0
0059 Rock Your Block with James Jack on Working With Your Construction Contractor00:26:410.44/N/A3/0
0060 Rock Your Block with Dr. Brynda Johnson and Carmolita Cesar00:27:350.45/N/A3/0
0061 Rock Your Block with Trudy and Ed Richarson with Womens Panel for 495 Metro00:27:210.45/N/A3/0
0066 Rock Your Block with Trudy and Ed Richardson and Makeup Artist Naia Richardson00:26:040.43/N/A3/0
0067 RYB Larry Laws and Attorney David Field on Real Estate and the Settlement Table00:27:400.58/N/A2/0
0068 RYB James Jack and Lorette Farris on Small Business Equity Financing00:26:580.56/N/A3/0
0069 RYB Shameeka Hunt and Sylvia Lett Showcasing the Hour Glas Garment for Women00:27:310.57/N/A2/0
0070 RYB Revised with Trudy and Ed Richardson with Lorette Farris on Small Business Financing00:27:210.57/N/A3/0
0072 RYB Tia Young with Lynn Strange and Leona Nichols, Domestic Violence of Women and Children00:26:370.55/N/A3/0
0073 RYB Brynda Johnson and Tony Hatton Discuss Recreating Your Destiny00:26:570.56/N/A2/0
0075 RYB Larry Laws and PJ Santiago - Keller Williams Real Estate Super Star00:27:590.58/N/A2/0
0079 RYB Cooking with Trudy and Ed Richardson, You Are What You Eat00:24:340.51/N/A3/0
0080 RYB Larry Laws Interviewing Danielle Williams00:29:080.61/N/A3/0
0081 RYB Tia Young Interviewing Dr. Gene Levinson00:25:230.52/N/A5/0
0082 RYB with Gene Levinson and Greg Nussbaum00:28:360.47/N/A4/0
0083 RYB with Gene Levinson and Greg Nussbaum Part200:26:170.43/N/A3/0
0084 RYB Larry Laws and Don Scoggins00:27:570.46/N/A3/0
0085 RYB with Cynthia Karnik Jeff Beck and Nick Ramfos00:24:400.40/N/A3/0
0086 RYB Gene Levinson Interviewing Wayne Carley00:26:400.44/N/A3/0
0091 RYB Beyond the Classroom with Gene Levinson and Khadijah A Mitchell00:27:510.46/N/A3/0
0092 RYB 495 Metro with Trudy and Ed Richardson00:26:490.56/N/A3/0
0096 RYB Beyound the Classroom with Dr. Levinson and Dr. Mark R. Ginsberg.mg00:28:210.47/N/A3/0
0097 RYB GovPartners Presents with Pamela Olmstead00:24:120.36/N/A3/0
0098 RYB Interview with Chef Lynnette Jackson00:26:350.44/N/A2/0
0099 RYB Dr. Levinson Interviews Kevin Murray on Beyond the Classroom00:28:500.47/N/A3/0
0100 RYB Larry Laws Interviews Shauna D Goldman00:27:300.45/N/A2/0
0104 RYB Larry Laws Interviewing Ross Levin00:25:210.42/N/A3/0
0136 RYB Larry Laws Walkiria Pool00:28:200.98/N/A1/0
0137 RYB Tia Young and Kate Celius00:27:260.99/N/A0/0
0138 RYB Larry Laws David Harris00:27:110.99/N/A0/0
0140 RYB with Tia Young Elise Kinyanjui Kathy Larin00:28:060.87/N/A0/0
0141 RYB with Tia Young Corine Lisa Reed00:26:550.84/N/A0/0
0142 RYB Larry Laws with Kay Smith Jackie Fields-Gleadall00:27:340.85/N/A0/0
0144 Revised RYB Tia Young with Ronnie Dasgupta Team00:26:570.84/N/A1/0
Rock Your Block 126 Social Media Panel00:27:580.65/N/A3/0

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