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If you were born in the last century, in the 40’s or 50’s, you’re a Baby Boomer. The United States Census Bureau considers a baby boomer to be someone born during the demographic birth boom between the years 1946 and 1963. In the late 40’s a new invention took over America by storm and changed how we utilized our spare time. It was called television and instead of hearing things like on the radio, we could now see them as well.

Over the past 60 years, so much has changed in this industry. Some of the most classic of programming has appeared on what started out as a little round black & white screen and quickly turned into big rectangular color screens. The cathode ray tube, sometimes called the boob tube is now a thing of the past and is consigned to the museum, replaced by the new technology of the 21st century of flat screens and high definition televisions.

Remembering When’s goal is to take you back to the days of your youth and let you once again experience those programs that defined the medium of television. Some of these shows are on film and some are taken from kinescopes which was the technology of the day, way before videotape, so pardon us for the quality and enjoy. We even left in the original commercials which certainly have great historical significance. So keep in mind, no one’s trying to sell you anything; we want you to experience the state of technology back in those early days. And if you’re just a youngster, this is how television started. We've gone into the attic and dusted off all those film cans and the 2 inch Ampex quadruplex videotape machine. So sit back, relax and enjoy, and see how television was done in the old days.

This is a show that is simply about the history of television, the technology and how television was accepted way back in it's infancy. With each show, we try to supply you with a synopsis of what each show was about along with some historical information as well. Our goal is to expose you to samples of some of the best programming from the very early days of television; a retrospective of what was then a new medium back in the second half of the 20th century!

Notes to Stations About This Show:

About 170+ shows total. Will be uploading around 5 per week. Once we've got this stuff uploaded it means back to the editing suite to prepare more for your enjoyment. The great majority of these shows have found their way into the public domain .

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Remembering When

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868-001 Alarm00:28:540.67/N/A18/0
868-002 Amos N Andy00:28:290.58/N/A22/0
868-003 Annie Oakley00:29:040.67/N/A22/0
868-004 Armchair Detective00:28:230.60/N/A18/0
868-005 Bat Masterson00:28:370.66/N/A20/0
868-006 Boston Blackie.mpg00:28:060.65/N/A18/0
868-007 Burns and Allen.mpg00:32:040.74/N/A28/0
868-008 Buster Keaton Show00:30:090.70/N/A16/0
868-009 Calvin & The Colonel00:27:270.63/N/A17/0
868-010 Captain Gallant00:31:440.67/N/A14/0
868-011 Captain Midnight.mpg00:31:390.69/N/A21/0
868-012 Climax01:01:580.99/N/A8/0
868-013 Code 300:28:370.66/N/A11/0
868-014 Coke Time w Eddie Fisher00:17:170.40/N/A8/0
868-015 Colgate Comedy Hour w Spike Jones.mpg01:01:470.99/N/A19/0
868-016 Cowboy G-Men00:28:450.62/N/A11/0
868-017 Crossroads00:27:440.56/N/A13/0
868-018 Dangerous Assignment00:27:060.60/N/A11/0
868-019 Date With The Angels.mpg00:28:530.67/N/A14/0
868-020 Death Valley Days00:28:030.62/N/A20/0
868-021 Decoy00:28:480.63/N/A11/0
868-022 Dennis O'Keefe Show00:27:420.64/N/A11/0
868-023 Dick Tracy00:27:360.62/N/A24/0
868-024 Ding Dong School.mpg00:32:130.73/N/A11/0
868-025 Diver Dan00:09:510.22/N/A8/0
868-026 Do You Trust Your Wife00:28:380.58/N/A10/0
868-027 Dollar A Second.mpg00:32:020.74/N/A9/0
868-028 Dragnet00:28:450.67/N/A25/0
868-029 Duffys Tavern00:29:140.68/N/A13/0
868-030 Ed Wynn00:29:450.69/N/A14/0
868-031 Federal Men00:30:340.56/N/A10/0
868-032 Flash Gordon00:28:020.48/N/A23/0
868-033 Follow That Man00:28:530.59/N/A12/0
868-034 Gangbusters.mpg00:27:550.46/N/A14/0
868-035 Howdy Doody.mpg00:31:510.74/N/A20/0
868-036 I Led Three Lives00:28:390.65/N/A10/0
868-037 I Married Joan.mpg00:27:320.64/N/A12/0
868-038 I Remember Mama00:28:390.66/N/A15/0
868-039 I'm The Law00:28:340.66/N/A10/0
868-040 It Could Be You00:28:570.67/N/A13/0
868-041 I've Got A Secret00:31:180.73/N/A16/0
868-042 Jack Benny Program00:27:090.62/N/A22/0
868-043 Jimmy Durante Show00:31:290.73/N/A15/0
868-044 Juvenile Jury.mpg00:32:220.64/N/A10/0
868-045 Kovacs On The Corner.mpg00:32:000.56/N/A13/0
868-046 Life With Elizabeth.mpg00:28:350.66/N/A10/0
868-047 Lights Out.mpg00:24:570.58/N/A12/0
868-048 Lock Up00:29:020.65/N/A6/0
868-049 Love That Bob00:27:500.59/N/A11/0
868-050 Make Room For Daddy00:32:040.75/N/A11/0
868-051 Man With A Camera00:28:420.67/N/A11/0
868-052 Martin Kane, Private Eye00:29:270.68/N/A8/0
868-053 Medic.mpg00:28:370.61/N/A12/0
868-054 Mr. & Mrs. North00:28:130.58/N/A10/0
868-055 My Friend Irma00:28:330.66/N/A12/0
868-056 My Little Margie.mpg00:29:060.60/N/A14/0
868-057 Mystery Theatre00:32:100.73/N/A11/0
868-058 Name That Tune00:31:260.73/N/A11/0
868-059 Okay, Mother00:31:000.72/N/A7/0
868-060 One Step Beyond00:27:380.56/N/A8/0
868-061 Our Miss Brooks00:24:500.46/N/A14/0
868-062 Paul Winchell Show.mpg00:32:130.75/N/A11/0
868-063 Pinky Lee Show00:29:580.70/N/A10/0
868-064 Public Defender00:27:460.64/N/A7/0
868-065 Racket Squad.mpg00:27:310.40/N/A10/0
868-066 Richard Diamond, Private Detective00:26:320.54/N/A6/0
868-067 Sense & Nonsense00:32:090.75/N/A5/0
868-068 Sky King.mpg00:31:260.73/N/A20/0
868-069 Space Patrol00:32:020.74/N/A10/0
868-070 Super Circus00:32:090.75/N/A7/0
868-071 Tales Of Tomorrow00:32:000.60/N/A10/0
868-072 The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet00:31:460.65/N/A14/0
868-073 The Betty White Show.mpg00:31:350.73/N/A17/0
868-074 The Beulah Show00:27:380.64/N/A6/0
868-075 The Cisco Kid00:27:030.63/N/A12/0
868-076 The Court Of Last Resort00:27:520.54/N/A5/0
868-077 The Great Gildersleeve.mpg00:28:320.65/N/A8/0
868-078 The Invisible Man.mpg00:28:320.63/N/A15/0
868-079 The Life Of Riley.mpg00:27:370.64/N/A11/0
868-080 The Lone Ranger.mpg00:25:270.56/N/A17/0
868-081 The Man Behind The Badge00:28:390.64/N/A6/0
868-082 This Is Your Life.mpg00:28:190.63/N/A15/0
868-083 Tom Corbett, Space Cadet00:26:090.60/N/A9/0
868-084 Topper.mpg00:30:530.54/N/A11/0
868-085 Unsolved00:29:220.58/N/A4/0
868-086 Victory At Sea.mpg00:29:090.68/N/A15/0
868-087 Watch Mr. Wizard.mpg00:31:140.73/N/A17/0
868-088 What's My Line00:32:140.75/N/A10/0
868-089 Yancy Derringer00:27:190.62/N/A7/0
868-090 Winky Dink and You.mpg00:31:130.69/N/A8/0
868-091 You Asked For It.mpg00:26:430.62/N/A12/0
868-092 You Bet Your Life.mpg00:32:100.74/N/A12/0
868-093 Your Hit Parade.mpg00:28:420.67/N/A12/0
868-094 Ted Mack's Amatuer Hour00:30:380.71/N/A8/0
868-095 The 64,000 Dollar Question00:32:010.74/N/A8/0
868-096 The Buccaneers00:27:130.61/N/A5/0
868-097 The Frank Sinatra Timex Show01:01:490.99/N/A11/0
868-098 The George Gobel Show00:32:010.74/N/A9/0
868-099 The Goldbergs.mpg00:32:060.75/N/A8/0
868-100 Campbell Soundstage00:31:000.64/N/A5/0
868-101 Chance Of A Lifetime00:32:010.74/N/A7/0
868-102 Frankie Laine Time.mpg01:01:230.99/N/A8/0
868-103 Its Always Jan.mpg00:31:540.74/N/A5/0
868-104 Pantomime Quiz00:32:010.74/N/A4/0
868-105 Peter Gunn00:28:100.57/N/A13/0
868-106 Ramar Of The Jungle.mpg00:28:390.66/N/A10/0
868-107 Ranch Party.mpg00:28:380.66/N/A7/0
868-108 Sea Hunt.mpg00:28:460.56/N/A20/0
868-109 Shower Of Stars01:01:570.99/N/A5/0
868-110 Stop The Music00:32:050.75/N/A5/0
868-111 Stories Of The Century00:28:260.65/N/A7/0
868-112 The Adventures Of Dr. Fu Manchu00:29:010.61/N/A10/0
868-113 The Roy Rogers Show00:28:230.66/N/A15/0
868-114 26 Men00:29:070.68/N/A8/0
868-115 Fireball Fun For All00:55:250.99/N/A2/0
868-116 Police Station00:31:190.61/N/A3/0
868-117 Rootie Kazootie.mpg00:31:420.74/N/A8/0
868-118 Fireball XL500:28:530.66/N/A6/0
868-119 Rocky King, Inside Detective00:29:420.69/N/A4/0
868-120 Suspicion00:50:300.97/N/A3/0
868-121 The Gene Autry Show00:30:000.62/N/A13/0
868-122 Torchy, The Battery Boy00:17:380.40/N/A5/0
868-123 People Are Funny00:32:010.74/N/A7/0
868-124 Strike It Rich00:31:590.74/N/A5/0
868-125 The Liberace Show00:28:260.66/N/A10/0
868-126 The Thin Man00:28:120.55/N/A8/0
868-127 The Witness01:01:290.99/N/A3/0
868-128 Time Out For Ginger00:30:050.69/N/A5/0
868-129 Trouble With Father - The Stu Erwin Show00:28:380.63/N/A6/0
868-130 Zoo Parade00:32:050.75/N/A6/0
868-131 Singer Four Star Playhouse00:28:130.61/N/A4/0
868-132 Dr. IQ00:31:590.74/N/A5/0
868-133 Fury00:28:520.55/N/A8/0
868-134 Penny To A Million00:29:170.68/N/A5/0
868-135 The Honeymooners00:28:430.66/N/A16/0
868-136 The Name's The Same00:32:120.61/N/A6/0
868-137 Where's Raymond00:32:030.74/N/A4/0
868-138 Angel00:31:580.64/N/A4/0
868-139 Biff Baker USA00:28:350.53/N/A5/0
868-141 Have Gun, Will Travel00:28:380.52/N/A10/0
868-142 Ripcord00:27:210.53/N/A6/0
868-143 Cannonball00:29:230.54/N/A5/0
868-144 Pete & Gladys00:27:560.65/N/A7/0
868-148 Father Knows Best00:28:320.66/N/A16/0
868-149 Lassie00:28:310.48/N/A15/0
868-150 Science Fiction Theatre00:25:050.48/N/A7/0
868-151 Bachelor Father00:28:150.66/N/A9/0
868-152 Men Into Space00:27:530.51/N/A9/0
868-153 The People's Choice00:26:120.61/N/A6/0
868-154 Highway Patrol00:28:270.67/N/A10/0
868-155 Phil Silvers Show aka Sgt. Bilko00:27:280.64/N/A11/0
868-156 Wanted Dead Or Alive00:27:030.45/N/A5/0
868-157 Route 6600:50:140.97/N/A8/0
868-158 Hazel00:28:170.65/N/A10/0
868-159 Naked City00:53:500.99/N/A4/0
868-160 Ben Casey00:54:040.95/N/A6/0
868-161 Broadside00:28:210.66/N/A9/0
868-162 The Untouchables00:53:160.99/N/A10/0
868-163 The Range Rider00:27:410.65/N/A8/0
868-164 The Real McCoys00:25:030.56/N/A15/0
868-165 Car 54 Where Are You00:27:540.65/N/A15/0

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