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Disabilities Rights Center Presents…is a monthly show we produce at Concord TV in New Hampshire.

The show is about disability rights and resources, with stories of struggles and successes from people with disabilities, information about the law, advocacy tips, legislative updates, and more. Topics have included service animals, supported employment, accessible parking, and special education, to name a few.

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Notes to Stations About This Show:

Disabilities Rights Center produced by New Hampshire's protection and advocacy system, a system authorized by the federal government to protect and advocate for the legal rights of people with disabilities. The shows are developed for a New Hampshire audience, and some of the content will be NEW HAMPSHIRE SPECIFIC, many of them will cover legal rights of people with disabilities that are relevant in other states.
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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Hampshire

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Disabilities Rights Center

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0003 DRC Presents: Service Dogs00:29:410.63/N/A6/0
0003 DRC Presents: Service Dogs UPDATED00:28:570.69/N/A3/0
0009 DRC Presents: Supported Employment00:30:320.72/N/A3/0
0010 DRC Presents: Legal Services in New Hampshire for People with Disabilities and Low Incomes00:29:130.69/N/A3/0
0012 DRC Presents: Accessible Parking00:29:060.61/N/A6/0
0013 DRC Presents: When Helpers Hurt: Abuse and Neglect in Programs and Services00:29:570.82/N/A3/0
0014 DRC Presents: How Budget Cuts Affect People with Disabilities00:28:280.60/N/A2/0
0015 DRC Presents: A Look Back at Laconia State School00:28:130.45/N/A3/0
0016 DRC Presents: Guardianship00:29:190.80/N/A5/0
0017 DRC Presents: Fair Housing00:29:210.80/N/A5/0
0018 DRC Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part I00:29:160.92/N/A3/0
0019 DRC Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part II00:29:240.48/N/A3/0
0020 DRC Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part III00:30:050.74/N/A3/0
0021 DRC Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part IV00:28:590.70/N/A3/0
0022 DRC Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part V00:29:190.48/N/A6/0
0023 DRC Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part VI00:28:300.68/N/A6/0
0024 Disabilities Rights Center Presents: Special Education and Discipline, Part VII00:29:210.81/N/A6/0
0025 DRC Presents: Voting and Civic Involvement I00:29:430.71/N/A5/0
0026 DRC Presents: Voting and Civic Involvement II00:29:240.70/N/A4/0
0027 DRC Presents: Voting and Civic Involvement III00:26:540.64/N/A3/0
0028 DRC Presents: Social Security Recipients: Programs and Incentives for Employment00:27:100.65/N/A7/0
0029 DRC Presents Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities00:28:000.67/N/A3/0
0030 DRC Presents: Lost in Laconia, a documentary00:21:110.58/N/A3/0
0031 DRC Presents: The Human Consequences of Budget Cuts to Human Services00:26:440.63/N/A4/0
0032 DRC presents: Long Term Care in New Hampshire00:29:180.70/N/A4/0
0033 DRC Presents: Long Term Care in NH, a community provider perspective00:30:010.72/N/A4/0
0034 DRCPresents: Long Term Care in New Hampshire: Let Me Go Home00:30:200.72/N/A4/0
0035 DRC Presents: Assistive Technology at ATech Services00:29:550.71/N/A6/0

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