Detail For Show: A Taste of Theatre

Show Description:

This is the show where playwrights come to showcase one scene of their play for the audience. We interview the playwright or the writer to the play to get the inside story as to how the play comes about. We interview the cast members to get their take on the characters they play.

We also focus on the music from the play (original music only)
We give the playwright the opportunity to tell us what message he or she is trying to convey in the play. Then the actors perform one scene of the play.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Illinois

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: A Taste Of Theater

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2013-01 A Taste Of Theater June McClain00:58:280.9588
2013-02 A Taste Of Theater Tina Lifford00:30:020.3478
2013-03 A Taste Of Theater Doreen Griffin00:58:310.7354
2013-04 A Taste Of Theater Richard Gallion00:30:050.7053
2013-05 A Taste Of Theater Shywanee Manson00:30:000.6948
2013-06 A Taste Of Theater Lynn Parrott00:29:540.6449
2013-07 A Taste of Theater Agil Muhammed00:29:010.6745
2013-08 A Taste Of Theater Anita Jefferson00:30:050.6647
2013-09 A TasteOf Theater Rick Williams00:29:450.5648
2013-10 A Taste Of Theater Randy Noojin00:29:580.3646
2013-11 A Taste Of Theater Reginald & Angela Baldwin00:29:560.6549
2013-12 A Taste Of Theater Margaret Mahdi00:28:290.5446
2014-01 A Taste of Theater Mark Hunter Man Up00:28:190.3959
2014-02 A Taste Of Theater William Pierce FTSOTC00:28:210.2444
2014-03 A Taste of Theater William Pierce YGMMWIG00:28:220.2038
2014-04 A Taste Of Theater Loretta Lee Show00:28:210.3041
2014-05 A Taste of Theater Ralph J Ladies night00:28:280.2638
2014-06 A Taste Of Theater Reshonda00:28:230.4937
2014-07 A Taste Of Theater Ralph J love or happiness00:28:200.3235
2014-08 A Taste Of Theater Lizz Turner Every Eye That's Closed Ain't Sleep00:28:140.2437
2014-09 A Taste of Theater Tonja Ayers00:28:180.3432
2014-10 A Taste Of Theater Pam Rollings00:28:230.3135
2014-11 A Taste Of Theater Gerald Hall00:28:220.3935
2014-12 A Taste Of Theater Lizz Turner Treasures In The Dark00:28:230.2331
2014-13 A Taste Of Theater Ursela Battle00:28:250.2133
2014-14 A Taste Of Theater Lorie Hardy00:28:240.3330
2014-15 A Taste of Theater DuJuan Savage00:28:250.3633
2014-16 A Taste Of Theater Charron Monaye00:28:230.2030
2014-17 A Taste of Theater Bobby McMorris00:28:150.2527
2014-18 A Taste of Theater Toni Seger00:28:280.3131
2014-19 A Taste of Theater Darrell Harrell00:28:220.4926
2014-20 A Taste of Theater Anthony Tunstall00:28:290.2827
2014-21 A Taste of Theater Karlton Clay00:28:300.2922
2014-22 A Taste of the Theater Sabrina Perrin00:28:310.4224
2014-23 A Taste of Theater Rory Sherrif00:28:310.3925
2014-24 A Taste of Theater Daniel Sprouse00:28:300.4226
2014-25 A Taste of Theater Tom Parks00:28:280.2824
2014-26 A Taste of Theater Derrell Owens00:28:300.4930
2015-01 A Taste of Theater Lorita Smith00:28:270.5726
2015-02 A Taste of Theater Ursela Battle DC00:28:350.3122
2015-03 A Taste of Theater Calvin King00:28:300.4822
2015-04 A Taste of Theater Tisha Harris00:28:310.4318
2015-05 A Taste of theater Lorie Harris00:28:260.9915
2015-06 A Taste of Theater Gevelle Wagner00:28:270.9916
2015-07 A Taste of Theater Jano Fuentes00:28:300.9917
2015-08 A Taste of theater Felencia00:28:300.9915
2015-09 A Taste of Theater Jackie Chambers00:28:280.9914
2015-10 A Taste of Theater Cynthia Hardeman00:28:290.9914
2015-11 A Taste of theater Jawoski00:28:280.9913
2015-12 A Taste of Theater Berrylynch00:28:290.9916
2016-01 A Taste of Theater Berylanne00:28:290.9924
2016-02 A Taste Of Theater Margaret Mahdi CBTM00:28:290.9915
2016-03 A Taste Of Theater Muse of fire00:28:290.9918
2016-04 A Taste of Theater Queen Marget00:28:200.9918
2016-05 A Taste of Theater I'm The Man00:28:280.9916
2016-06 A Taste of Theater Kristiana Ray Colon's Good Friday00:28:290.9916
2016-07 A Taste of Theater Eroica00:28:280.9913
2017-01 A Taste of Theater A.R. CooK00:28:290.9914
2017-02 A Taste Of Theater Tom schutt00:28:270.999
2017-03 A Taste Of Theater Normal Simon00:28:330.998
2017-04 A Taste of Theater Evie Wells00:28:280.9910
2017-05 A taste of theater Izola Wright00:28:300.998
2017-06 A Taste Of Theater LaSheda Meme Wallace00:28:300.999
2017-07 A Taste Of Theater Kenya Phifer Jones00:28:290.998
2017-08 A Taste Of Theater Bonita Adams00:28:300.998
2017-09 A Taste of Theater Jean Lockett / Sean Grennan00:28:290.996
2017-10 A Taste Of Theater Johnny Perkins00:28:290.997
2017-11 A Taste Of Theater Kimmco Productions00:28:290.997
2017-12 A Taste of Theater Catherine Mayberry00:28:320.9912
2017-13 A Taste Of Theater Andree Harris00:28:290.9915
2017-14 A Taste Of Theater Rory Sheriff00:28:300.9915
2017-15 A Taste Of Theater Darryl Easley00:28:300.995

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