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"God's Truth & Deliverance" is a show that is actually a live recording of the church services of God's Truth & Deliverance Ministries. The show consists mostly of sound biblical teaching that is taught in an easy to understand manner. We make the Bible very practical so that people are able to apply it in their everyday lives. At the end of each church service, we give the audience a chance to ask questions or make comments. The purpose of this broadcast is to teach truth and help people overcome difficult situations or circumstances.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Greetings and thank you for your interest in the shows that I produce. If you download my shows, I ask that you will leave me a message through this website or either email me at to let me know what day and time my show will air on your local television station. This is so that I can keep a record and also advertise this on my website. Thank you.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Tennessee

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: God's Truth & Deliverance

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to God's Truth & Deliverance for covering this cost.

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2012-1021 The Need For God's Preachers00:28:300.00/N/A3/0
2012-1023 Hidden In Christ Jesus00:28:280.00/N/A2/0
2012-1028 How To Become Doers Of The Word00:28:300.00/N/A2/0
2013-0305 Vomit00:28:300.00/N/A2/0
2013-0310 Rightful Place00:28:300.00/N/A2/0
2013-0312 Evangelism00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0317 Love Produces Perfection 100:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0319 Love Produces Perfection 200:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2013-0324 Office Of The Deacon00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0331 Love Produces Perfection 300:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0402 God Rewards Faith00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0407 Expectations00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0409 Love Never Fails00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0414 Overcoming The Spirit Of Depression00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0416 Accepting Persecution With Joy00:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0421 Offended At The Word 100:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0425 Offended At The Word 200:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2013-0428 Offended At The Word 300:28:290.00/N/A2/0
2013-0502 Offended At The Word 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2013-0505 Offended At The Word 500:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2013-0509 The Principles Of Ezra 100:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2013-0512 The Principles Of Ezra 200:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2013-0516 The Principles Of Ezra 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2013-0519 The Principles Of Ezra 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2013-0523 The Principles Of Ezra 500:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0526 The Principles Of Ezra 600:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0530 The Principles Of Ezra 700:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0602 Trusting God In All Situations00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0606 The Principles Of Ezra 800:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0609 The Principles Of Ezra 900:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0613 The Principles Of Ezra 1000:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0616 The Principles Of Ezra 1100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0620 The Principles Of Ezra 1200:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0623 Exposing The Sodomite Spirit00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0627 The Spirit Of Adultery 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0630 The Spirit Of Adultery 200:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0704 The Spirit Of Adultery 300:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0707 The Process Of Restoration 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0711 The Process Of Restoration 200:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0714 The Process Of Restoration 300:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0718 The Importance Of Location 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0721 The Importance Of Location 200:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0801 Dont Cast Your Pearls Before Swine00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0804 Open Rebuke And Warning00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0808 Righteousness Without The Deeds Of The Law00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0811 Obey God Rather Than Man00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0818 Faith To Receive00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0822 The Spell Of Jezebel00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0825 The Bitterness Of Jezebel00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0829 The Sin Of Murmuring00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0905 Deliverance 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-0929 Tithing Extortion And Covetousness00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-1006 Carnal Minds Stops Spiritual Growth 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-1020 The Spirit Of Deception 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-1117 The Importance Of Sanctification00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-1124 A Key To Perfection00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2013-1128 He That Receives A Prophet 200:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0406 Identifying Gods Shepherds 100:28:170.00/N/A0/0
2014-0410 Motives00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0417 Gods Light Reproves Darkness00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0420 How Long Will You Halt Between Two Opinions00:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0427 Divine Healing 100:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0501 Divine Healing 200:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0504 Divine Healing 300:28:300.00/N/A0/0
2014-0511 How Satan Uses Love 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0518 How Satan Uses Love 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0525 Divine Healing 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0601 Divine Healing 500:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0608 Divine Healing 600:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2014-0615 Divine Healing 700:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0629 The Danger Of Comparing00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0706 Speaking What God Has Decreed00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0706 Speaking What God Has Decreed00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0720 Opened Eyes00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0727 Predestination 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0803 Predestination 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0810 Predestination 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0817 Predestination 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0824 Predestination 500:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0831 Predestination 600:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0907 Return To Your First Love 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0914 Return To Your First Love 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0921 Holiness And Religion 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-0928 Holiness And Religion 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1012 Holiness And Religion 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1026 Bishops And Pastors00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1109 Divine Dreams 100:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2014-1116 Divine Dreams 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1123 Divine Dreams 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1130 Divine Dreams 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1207 Divine Dreams 500:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1214 Being Subject To Higher Powers00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2014-1221 Being Subject to a Higher Powers 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0104 The Grace Of Giving 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0111 The Grace Of Giving 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0118 The Grace Of Giving 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0125 The Importance Of Separation00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0201 Allowing God To Define You00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0208 The Grace Of Giving 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0215 Divine Dreams 600:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0222 Divine Dreams 700:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0301 Divine Dreams 800:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0308 Healed From Hurt00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0315 Search The Scriptures00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0322 The Devices Of Satan00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0329 The Sin Unto Death 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0405 Repairing The Breach00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0412 The Dynamics Of Trust00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0419 The Root Of The Tree00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0426 Making Up The Hedge00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0503 Setting The Atmosphere00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0517 The Importance Of Confession00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0524 The Dynamics Of Forgiveness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0531 The God Of Details00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0614 Reactions00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0621 Understanding Death 100:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2015-0628 Understanding Death 200:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2015-0705 The Fruit Of Patience00:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2015-0719 Twice The Sons Of Hell00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0726 Gods Word Hidden In Plain Sight00:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2015-0809 Faithfulness In Obedience00:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2015-0816 Dont Stagger At Gods Promises00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0823 Dont Stagger At Gods Promises 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0830 Dont Stagger At Gods Promises 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0906 The Past Tense Of Sin TV00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0913 Go On Unto Perfection00:28:290.00/N/A1/0
2015-0920 Faith Makes Preparation00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-0927 The Issue Of Honor 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1004 The Issue Of Honor 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1011 Theres A Poisoning Going On00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1018 Theres A Poisoning Going On 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1020 Praying With Expectations00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1027 Reverencing Gods Presence00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1103 How To Approach God00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1107 God Forsakes Compromise00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1110 The Believers Authority And Armor00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1115 The Form Of A Servant00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1117 The Importance Of Fellowship00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1124 According To Your Faith00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1129 The Making Of A Disciple00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1201 Prayers That Deliver00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1206 The Making Of Disciples 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1208 The Form Of A Servant 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1212 Free Indeed00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1213 Live For God On Purpose00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1220 The Form Of A Servant 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2015-1227 Obeying Your Call00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0110 Rebellion And Witchcraft 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0114 Gods Vineyard00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0117 Rebellion And Witchcraft 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0124 Stubbornness And Procrastination 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0131 The Importance Of Reconciliation00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0228 The Spirit Of Stubbornness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0306 You Must Be Born Again00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0308 The Functions Of The Holy Spirit 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0313 You Must Be Born Again 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0320 You Must Be Born Again 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0327 You Must Be Born Again 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0403 The Danger Of Reasoning 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0410 The Danger Of Reasoning 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0417 Wisdom Is Justified Of Her Children00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0508 Seeing With Spiritual Eyes 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0515 Seeing With Spiritual Eyes 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0522 Seeing With Spiritual Eyes 400:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0612 Obedience Through Death00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0619 Serve God With Your Whole Heart00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0626 The Spirit Of Rejection00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0703 The Truth About Giving And First fruit00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0724 Understand Through Faith 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0731 Pursuing Gods Heart00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0814 Deliverance From Bondage00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0821 Gods Timing00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0828 What Is Idolatry00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0904 The Sin Of Covetousness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0911 Exposing Bitterness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0918 Faith That Acts00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-0925 Dark Speeches00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1002 Glory to Glory00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1009 A Good Name00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1016 A Pure Heart00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1023 A House Divided 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1030 A House Divided 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1106 Abusers Of Themselves00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1113 The Peacemakers00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1120 The House Builders00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1127 The Merciful00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1204 The Fulness Of Christ00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1211 Moses Is Dead Now Arise00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1218 The Faithful Steward00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1224 Purpose And Vision00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2016-1231 Purpose And Vision 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0107 Hardened00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0114 Keys To The Kingdom00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0121 Keys of the Kingdom 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0128 Keys Of The Kingdom 300:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0204 A Little Leaven 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0211 A Little Leaven 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0218 The Purge00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0225 The Fearful00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0304 Spiritual Drunkenness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0401 Salt Of The Earth00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0429 Shoes00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0506 Gods Unorthodox Ways00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0513 No Peace For The Wicked00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0520 The Seed Of Rebellion00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0527 The Cain Complex00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0603 Walls00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0610 Sincerity00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0617 The Kill Switch00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0624 Dry Bones00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0701 The Eyes Of God00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0702 Faith Versus Witchcraft00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0706 The Case For Perfection00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0708 Congregation Of The Wicked00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0715 Who Has Your Heart00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0722 The Fear Of God 100:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0729 The Fear Of God 200:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0812 God Is In The Details00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0819 Overcoming Hopelessness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0826 The Gall Of Bitterness00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0909 One Thing Steps In Obedience00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0916 Treasures In Heaven00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0923 The Lull Of Satan00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-0930 The Pride Of Life Our Plans00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1007 Pride Of Life Correction00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1014 Knowledge 1 Pride Of Life 00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1021 Knowledge 2 Pride Of Life00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1028 Reverencing The Anointing00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1107 Revelation For Preparation00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1111 Walls Of Hurt00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1114 Faith Works By Love00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1118 The Danger of Familiar00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1121 Love Produces Sincerity00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1125 Authority And Soldiers00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1128 No Place For The Devil00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1202 We Need Each Other00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1205 The Victims Garment00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1209 Awake From Sleep00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1216 Overcoming Rejection00:28:290.00/N/A0/0
2017-1219 Not Ashamed00:28:290.00/N/A0/0

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