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USTzuChi360 is a television program aiming to document the full scope of the American Tzu Chi experience and to encourage and empower those who watch it. In USTzuChi360, people from many different races, religions, and experiences meet and interact. But its stories clearly show that love and compassion is universal.

USTzuChi360 have shown volunteers on charity missions going to other countries like Haiti, Chile, Germany, Central America, as well as interacting with people from every continent while in America. There are stories of South African volunteers at a United Nations conference, and stories of college students picking up trash on lonely dirt roads across America. There are stories of homeless hot meals in Chicago and Food Backpacks for the school children in San Francisco and Los Angeles. There are also stories of Tzu Chi’s clinics and Medical Outreaches, Tzu Chi schools and academies, and the public schools Tzu Chi partners with. These stories reveal that sometimes a physical need for food or shelter or medical care shows a deeper need to be loved and respected. Love is as much a human need as food or shelter, and fulfilling this basic need allows people to feel like they have space to breathe and to give as well.

USTC360 not only shows stories of people from many different backgrounds and religions, but it is targeted towards people from the many different backgrounds. Sometimes there is a sense of helplessness and hopelessness even in America. The principals of mindful living and selfless giving becoming an act of self-cultivation and self-help, of feeling empowered to do good and thus empowering others, are woven into the backbone of the show itself. Through the show, USTzuChi360 is delivering Tzu Chi Foundation and Dharma Master Cheng Yen's philosophies to the American public. USTC360's main goal is to reach as many people as possible, whatever race, religion, or walk of life they come from.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New York

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Community Media of the Foothills

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0008 USTC 360 Chile Recycling Story00:24:000.35/N/A10/0
0031 USTC 360 Bilingual Education00:24:030.46/N/A8/0
0041 USTC 360 Haiti's Nursery of Hope00:24:000.46/N/A6/0
0046 USTC 360 Food In Our Backyard00:24:000.46/N/A7/0
0047 USTC 360 Urban Homestead00:24:000.46/N/A7/0
0057 USTC 360 Hawailian Sunset00:24:010.38/N/A7/0
0061 USTC 360 Families Are Like Quilts00:24:000.46/N/A6/0
0066 USTC 360 Haiti Recycling Movement00:24:020.45/N/A6/0
0067 USTC 360 Lock Up Wake Up00:24:000.46/N/A6/0
0075 USTC 360 Solutions For Food Waste In America00:24:000.37/N/A8/0
0093 USTC360 Believe Achieve Succeed00:24:000.37/N/A7/0
0094 USTC360 BP Oil Spill 3 Years Later (Part 1)00:24:020.41/N/A7/0
0095 USTC360 BP Oil Spill 3 Years Later (Part 2)00:24:020.41/N/A8/0
0096 USTC360 Journey To The West00:24:010.37/N/A7/0
0097 USTC 360 The Grand Opening of College Marie Anne00:24:020.53/N/A6/0
0098 USTC 360 BOMLA One Of A Kind00:24:000.49/N/A7/0
0099 USTC360 Cap Haitien Meets Port Au Prince00:24:010.44/N/A6/0
0100 USTC360 Anniversary00:24:000.48/N/A6/0
0102 USTC360 Pulling Hope from Rubber Violence00:24:010.53/N/A7/0
0103 USTC360 Learning Journey100:24:010.49/N/A6/0
0104 USTC360 Stone Camp 100:24:000.52/N/A5/0
0105 USTC360 Character Education00:24:000.50/N/A6/0
0106 USTC360 Julies Story00:24:000.50/N/A6/0
0107 USTC360 Peng Jen Story00:24:010.53/N/A6/0
0108 USTC360 Believe In Faith00:24:000.49/N/A6/0
0109 USTC360 Blossom of Hope00:24:000.53/N/A6/0
0110 USTC360 Sandy Beyond the Pictures00:24:010.51/N/A6/0
0111 USTC360 Tzu Qui and Luca Ye Story00:24:000.43/N/A5/0
0112 USTC360 Being Muslim In NYC After 91100:24:000.50/N/A7/0
0113 USTC360 Finding Life Path Joe Huang00:23:590.48/N/A5/0
0114 USTC360 San Francisco - Happy Family00:24:010.49/N/A4/0
0115 USTC360 San Francisco Happy Family Part 200:24:000.50/N/A4/0
0116 USTC360 The Path of Destiny00:24:000.50/N/A6/0
0117 USTC360 All For One00:24:010.51/N/A6/0
0118 USTC360 Kary Kaos Story 00:24:010.49/N/A5/0
0119 USTC360 Superstorm Sandy ONE YEAR Anniversary part 100:23:590.53/N/A6/0
0120 USTC360 Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Pt200:24:010.53/N/A4/0
0121 USTC360 Tzu Chi One legacy00:24:020.52/N/A5/0
0122 USTC360 A Third World in the US00:24:000.53/N/A5/0
0123 USTC360 Modesto, Farmers in the dust00:23:590.53/N/A7/0
0124 USTC360 Fresno00:24:010.51/N/A1/0
0124 USTC360 Fresno Reupload00:24:000.53/N/A2/0
0125 USTC360 Keeping Heads Above Water00:24:000.53/N/A5/0
0126 USTC360 Everlasting Love00:24:010.52/N/A4/0
0127 USTC360 French Green Movement00:00:120.01/N/A1/0
0127 USTC360 French Green Movement 100:24:000.51/N/A4/0
0128 USTC360 Jing Si Books Into Hotels00:24:010.51/N/A4/0
0129 USTC360 Our Home San Dimas00:24:000.51/N/A4/0
No146_USTC360_Richard Baksa00:06:240.12/N/A5/0

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