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Information you can use, research you can trust. Experts on Demand offers a wide variety of agricultural tutorials for professional and hobbyist growers, as well as tips for economic and personal wellbeing.

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Bite-sized videos between 2-5 minutes.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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Avoiding Bedbugs in Hotel Rooms00:10:240.20/N/A14/0
Caring for Young Grape Vines00:03:450.07/N/A13/0
Eat Well - 5 Easy Ways to Cut Food Costs00:05:450.09/N/A19/0
Eat Well - Food Labels00:06:280.12/N/A17/0
Eat Well - Fruits and Vegetables00:03:150.06/N/A14/0
Eat Well - Healthy Choices00:04:150.07/N/A15/0
Eat Well - Sugars, Salts, and Fats00:04:570.07/N/A13/0
Eat Well - The Dairy Group00:02:500.05/N/A14/0
Eat Well - The Grains Group00:03:370.05/N/A13/0
Eat Well - The Protein Group00:02:380.04/N/A13/0
Forage Testing00:05:210.10/N/A6/0
Frost Seeding00:03:580.07/N/A9/0
Growing Asparagus - Part 100:05:360.10/N/A12/0
Growing Asparagus - Part 200:05:270.10/N/A12/0
Growing Asparagus - Part 300:03:320.06/N/A11/0
How to Make Homemade Baby Food00:04:020.07/N/A8/0
Identifying Late Blight00:05:260.10/N/A8/0
Identifying Spotted Wing Drosophila Damage00:03:350.06/N/A6/0
IDEXX Adopt A Garden Program00:03:590.07/N/A5/0
Keeping Kids Healthy and Active00:02:170.04/N/A9/0
Maine Board of Pesticides Control00:03:100.06/N/A5/0
Managing Late Blight00:04:450.09/N/A6/0
Preserving Fresh Greens00:04:040.07/N/A10/0
Preserving Raspberries00:03:570.07/N/A9/0
Pruning Grapes: Four Arm Kniffin Technique00:05:110.10/N/A7/0
Pruning Grapes: Umbrella Kniffin Technique00:05:330.10/N/A6/0
Trapping for Spotted Wing Drosophila00:03:430.07/N/A5/0
What is FoodCorps?00:02:080.04/N/A4/0
What is Integrated Pest Management?00:02:070.03/N/A6/0
What is Maine Harvest for Hunger?00:01:230.02/N/A7/0
Yarmouth Community Gardens00:04:130.08/N/A8/0

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