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In the Cool of the Day provides Christian-based spiritual and religious programming through biblical precepts and dramatization through prayer, worship, praise, dance, and related topics as follows:

• Interviews that discuss the issues and challenges facing our communities, our nation, and our world by providing solutions to everyday problems through biblical principles, mini-sermons, and community testimonials.

• Provide a venue for Christian psalmist, dancers, singers, poet, artists, and related fields to express spiritual peace and tranquility through the many facets of art forms.

• Provide a venue to link charitable nonprofit organizations and the religious community to the general public for the release of goods and services to those citizens, families, children and youth who are in the greatest need of help regardless to race, color, creed, sexual preference, and of disability.

• To be a sounding board and advocate for those who are in dire need of help and cannot break through the system to get relief or assistance.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Tijuana Young

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0001 Prophetess Rachel Anna Lewis00:27:160.574
0002 Minister P. Anthony Morton00:24:270.514
0003 Revised Letitia Brown and Daughters of Israel Ministry00:20:560.434
0004 Dr. Elizabeth Maddrey and Dr. Lynellen Perry00:26:470.563
0005 Part 2 Dr Elizabeth Maddrey and Dr Lynellen Perry in the Kitchen00:22:520.481
0006 Evangelist Gayle Tyree-Hall One Woman Show.mpg00:26:420.552
0007 Dr. Negleatha Johnson on the Importance of Friendship00:26:360.553
0008 Milan A. Griffin on Creditworthiness00:25:080.523
0009 Bishop Tony Addinall with Bridges of Love International Ministry00:26:510.562
0010 Amanda Addinall and BJ Maldonado00:26:140.553
0011 Nataly Hall and Color You Beautiful Makeup Artistry00:26:140.543
0012 Stephanie Kennedy on Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls00:24:460.513
00135 Skills to Pay the Bills Dr. Shirley Luu and Mr. Prince Goins00:26:580.630
0017 ICOD with Prophetess Myrna Johnson and Daughter Kearra Johnson00:26:440.562
0020 ICOD with Rev. Dr. Denise Wilson and HIV Panel00:26:480.562
0021 ICOD Part II Rev. Dr. Denise Wislon and HIV Panel00:27:370.582
0022 ICOD with Pastor Chad Carlton and Co-host Barbara Hampton00:26:200.552
0024 ICOD with Co-Pastor Emily Addinall, Pastor Yvonne Easton, and Amanda Addinall00:29:310.613
0026 ICOD The Senior Residential Community of Culpepper Garden00:25:580.542
0027 ICOD Should Women Preach and Teach in the Church00:25:400.542
0028 ICOD The Ottley School of Music Recital00:29:280.622
0044 ICOD Sharon Anderson and Atty. Samuel Delgado on Immigration00:26:100.542
0045 ICOD Sharon Anderson and Daniel Bradley with Franklyn Dent00:26:510.562
0046 ICOD Wally and Jimmy Maldonado in Nicaragua on a Mission00:23:340.492
0047 ICOD Sharon Anderson Interviewing Edward Tre Johnson IIl Domestic Violence in Sports00:27:000.563
0048 ICOD Tia Young Interviewing Jahnissi Tirado on Victorious Living00:26:430.562
0049 ICOD Sharon Anderson on Faith and Prayer00:26:100.542
0050 ICOD Bishop Tony Addinall and Pastor A.J. Addinall on Generational Unity00:26:350.552
0063 ICOD Handling Grief with Donna and David Burks Part I00:25:580.423
0064 ICOD Handling Grief with David Burks and Tia Young Part 200:26:380.441
0065 ICOD David and Donna Burks with Rosie Rogers00:26:430.442
0068 ICOD Sharon Anderson on Juvenile Justice00:26:510.562
0069 ICOD Pastor Abass on Healing.mpg00:25:460.532
0070 ICOD Dr. Anderson and Lady Darlene Hart00:27:050.561
0071 ICOD Dr. Sharon Anderson and Lady Hart Part 200:27:070.561
0072 ICOD Malika Carey and Shaquida Ano00:27:270.571
0073 ICOD KeeBee Smith and Tia Young00:27:420.581
0076 ICOD Pt 1 Chester France and the Stantons00:27:260.571
0077 ICOD Pt 2 What It Means to Show Honor00:25:410.531
0081 Apostle Rene HoodStanton on 10 Commandments P100:27:250.571
0082 Apostle Rene HoodStanton on 10 Commandments P200:27:420.581
0085 ICOD Just Be Thankful00:26:270.611
0089 ICOD Walking By Faith and Not By Sight00:26:430.620
ICOD 0088 Everyone Deserves a Second Chance00:27:150.630
ICOD 0086 ICOD Personal Finances Part 200:27:510.651
ICOD 0087 Emergency Rescue: Doing Your Part in Times of Crisis00:27:380.640
ICOD_0084 Personnel Finances Part 100:28:120.651

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