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Based on "The Slouch In The Couch" series of children's learning books and hosted by Sheriff Stephen J., the town of “The Children’s Corner” is located in Slouch County, in the World of the Magical Couch (an old west scenario,) where Black Bart’s bumbling gang attempts to cause problems that always end up in failure and other characters abound such as: the "Alphabet Chef's," who bring a quick cooking segment into the Sheriff’s house, as well as the daily word of interest (spelled and defined in simplistic form to enhance one's vocabulary) and Mr. Dill: the angry green talking pickle. Sheriff Stephen J. also embarks upon educational trips, such as a trip to visit a couple of Asian Elephants, a beach trip to do some clamming, a ride on a working lobster boat and other types of trips such as: a stop at "The State of Maine Cheese Company," to see how cheese is made and the "Kinney Sugar House" to watch the transformation of Sugar Maple Tree sap turn into maple syrup; see how guitars and soap are made and a look into different types of music including by not limited to, the original music performed by "The Slouch In The Couch Children's Corner Band." The list goes on and on.

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"The Children's Corner" has 16 episodes per season. For stations looking for 28.5 minute programs to fill a half hour broadcasting slot, we have Season Trailers that are 2.5 minutes long and can be attached to each 26 minute episode to fulfill that 28.5 minute requirement.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: The Slouch & Friends

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to The Slouch & Friends for covering this cost.

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1000 Childrens Corner Season 1 Trailer00:02:300.00/0.0051/4
1001 Childrens Corner Great Granola Yogurt00:26:030.00/N/A176/0
1002 Childrens Corner Broccoli Basics00:26:020.00/N/A153/0
1003 Childrens Corner Fantastic Fruit Salad00:26:030.00/N/A140/0
1004 Childrens Corner Crazy Cookies00:26:020.00/N/A141/0
1005 Childrens Corner Going Greek00:26:030.00/N/A130/0
1006 Childrens Corner Oatmeal and Raisins00:26:030.00/N/A127/0
1007 Childrens Corner Turkey Burger Basics00:26:010.00/N/A119/0
1008 Childrens Corner Hot Diggity Dog00:26:030.00/N/A119/0
1009 Childrens Corner Cheesy Chicken Sandwich00:26:040.00/N/A115/0
1010 Childrens Corner Macaroni Madness00:26:020.00/N/A114/0
1011 Childrens Corner Curious Clamming00:26:020.00/N/A116/0
1012 Childrens Corner Everything Elephants00:26:020.00/N/A111/0
1013 Childrens Corner Rules Rule00:26:020.00/N/A107/0
1014 Childrens Corner Sleepy Creepy00:26:030.00/N/A114/0
1015 Childrens Corner Meatball Medley00:26:020.00/N/A105/0
1016 Childrens Corner Music Music Music00:26:020.00/N/A107/0
2000 Childrens Corner Season 2 Trailer00:02:300.00/0.0017/1
2017 Childrens Corner Doggone Day00:26:040.00/N/A99/0
2018 Childrens Corner Cheddars Better00:26:030.00/N/A90/0
2019 Childrens Corner Sweet Maple Syrup00:26:020.00/N/A93/0
2020 Childrens Corner The Hoedown00:26:010.00/N/A82/0
2021 Childrens Corner Lovesday00:26:040.00/N/A80/0
2022 Childrens Corner Treasure Trash00:26:020.00/N/A81/0
2023 Childrens Corner Visiting Vegetables00:26:010.00/N/A80/0
2024 Childrens Corner Talkin Turkey00:26:020.00/N/A81/0
2025 Childrens Corner The Shootout00:26:020.00/N/A75/0
2026 Childrens Corner Elephant Extravaganza00:26:040.00/N/A74/0
2027 Childrens Corner Moviemania00:26:030.00/N/A76/0
2028 Childrens Corner Lovin Lobster00:26:040.00/N/A81/0
2029 Childrens Corner Time Train00:26:020.00/N/A76/0
2030 Childrens Corner Stories and Such00:26:000.00/N/A71/0
2031 Childrens Corner Happy Holidays part 100:26:010.00/N/A62/0
2032 Childrens Corner Happy Holidays part 200:26:020.00/N/A63/0
3000 Childrens Corner Season 3 Trailer00:02:300.00/0.006/0
3033 Childrens Corner Piece-a Pizza00:26:010.00/N/A69/0
3034 Childrens Corner Angry Apples00:26:020.00/N/A73/0
3035 Childrens Corner Sand Witch00:26:000.00/N/A70/0
3036 Childrens Corner Nuts n Stuff00:26:020.00/N/A72/0
3037 Childrens Corner Amazing Alpacas00:26:030.00/N/A71/0
3038 Childrens Corner The humble Farmer00:26:030.00/N/A68/0
3039 Childrens Corner Whimsical Wizards00:26:040.00/N/A68/0
3040 Childrens Corner Forever Fireman00:26:030.00/N/A70/0
3041 Childrens Corner Wooden Wonders00:26:040.00/N/A65/0
3042 Childrens Corner Pilfering Pirates00:26:040.00/N/A62/0
3043 Childrens Corner Carolling Christmas00:26:040.00/N/A53/0
3044 Childrens Corner Ice Cream Caper00:26:010.00/N/A63/0
3045 Childrens Corner Historic Hillside00:26:020.00/N/A60/0
3046 Childrens Corner Chicken Coop00:26:030.00/N/A64/0
3047 Childrens Corner Bleu Cheese Cabin00:26:010.00/N/A61/0
3048 Childrens Corner Bird Business00:26:030.00/N/A62/0
4000 Childrens Corner Season 4 Trailer00:02:300.00/0.000/0
4049 Childrens Corner The Mentalist00:26:040.00/N/A56/0
4050 Childrens Corner Retold Episode00:26:020.00/N/A49/0
4051 Childrens Corner Simply Salmon00:26:030.00/N/A60/0
4052 Childrens Corner Stove Works Surprise00:26:030.00/N/A52/0
4053 Childrens Corner Traveling Tourists00:26:020.00/N/A47/0
4054 Childrens Corner Whopping Whale Watch00:26:030.00/N/A48/0
4055 Childrens Corner Paws, Jaws & Claws00:26:030.00/N/A47/0
4056 Childrens Corner Chain Reaction00:26:020.00/N/A39/0
4057 Childrens Corner Too Many Secrets00:26:020.00/N/A41/0
4058 Childrens Corner Decision Debacle00:26:020.00/N/A39/0
4059 Childrens Corner The Lone Stranger00:26:020.00/N/A38/0
4060 Childrens Corner An Apple a Day00:26:030.00/N/A38/0
4061 Childrens Corner Fish n Soap00:26:010.00/N/A39/0
4062 Childrens Corner Nuttin but Mutton00:26:030.00/N/A37/0
4063 Childrens Corner Weaving is Believing00:26:010.00/N/A28/0
4064 Childrens Corner Christmas Party00:26:010.00/N/A19/0
5065 Childrens Corner Blueberry Promises00:26:020.00/N/A16/0

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