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Show Description:

“Painting Journeys” with Artist, Kitty Lynne Klich, is an intimate journey on canvas to various destinations Ms. Klich has traveled. The one hour program features Ms. Klich painting the location, in oils, as she shares her painting process and tells the viewer about her experiences on that journey.

A different destination will be highlighted each show.

Ms. Klich is an Award Winning Artist whose Community Cable Television Show, “Gallery Works” won the 2011 Award of Excellence and Best of Show, in her category, at the Wisconsin Association of PEG Channels Video Festival.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The one hour program is a monthly series with a broad regional/national/international appeal. The show is produced and hosted by Ms. Klich and is taped under the direction of Keary Kautzer, of WSCS, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It focuses on an intimate view of Ms. Klich’s creative process as she paints, in oils, and speaks of her experiences from the different destinations she has traveled.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Wisconsin

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: WSCS Sheboygan

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001 Tongass Narrows_Ketchikan AK00:56:010.99/N/A137/0
002 Little Step Falls_Skagway AK00:56:050.99/N/A127/0
003 Hillside Monastery_Rome Italy00:59:050.99/N/A124/0
004 Working Farm_San Gigmanino_Tuscany Italy00:59:130.99/N/A110/0
005 Working Farm part 200:59:430.99/N/A104/0
006 Italian Riveria, Cinque Verde00:58:190.99/N/A104/0
007 "Garden Corner" Assisi, Italy00:58:420.99/N/A100/0
008 Start Er Up00:58:200.99/N/A90/0
009 Coming Home00:56:230.99/N/A90/0
010 “Leap Castle”, Birr, Ireland00:57:140.99/N/A84/0
011 Boating on the Grand Canal_Tullamore_Ireland00:58:420.99/N/A84/0
012 Shannon River Athlone Ireland00:58:250.99/N/A76/0
013 Conlon Brothers part 100:58:200.99/N/A63/0
014 Conlon Brothers part 200:58:390.99/N/A59/0
015 Full Bloom_Red Peony Tree_Green Bay Botanical Gardens00:58:330.99/N/A71/0
016 Lost Cabin in the Foothills_Grand Teton National Park_Wyoming00:58:220.99/N/A67/0
017 Old Faithful00:59:160.99/N/A62/0
018 Bayfield WI00:58:400.99/N/A54/0
019 Home for the Holidays00:59:200.99/N/A54/0
020 Poinsettia - Holiday Demo00:59:030.99/N/A47/0
021 Days Gone By - County Claire_ Ireland00:58:260.99/N/A58/0
022 Mill Creek, Cowlitz County, Washington State 00:58:450.99/N/A56/0
023 Shi Shi Beach00:57:520.99/N/A56/0
024 Pacific Coastline00:58:310.99/N/A57/0
025 Spring in the Garden00:58:130.99/N/A55/0
026 Covered Bridge, Suamico, WI00:58:470.99/N/A51/0
027 Agate Bridge, Petrified Forest, Arizona00:58:340.99/N/A43/0
028 Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park00:58:090.99/N/A52/0
029 Grand Canyon Continued00:58:300.99/N/A49/0
030 Incoming Tide-Laguna Beach CA00:57:090.99/N/A42/0
031 The Christmas Cardinal00:57:280.99/N/A45/0
032 2015 Poinsettia00:59:410.99/N/A36/0
033 Home on the Mississippi00:57:410.99/N/A44/0
034 San Gabriel Mission00:57:350.99/N/A45/0
035 Peace Rose00:57:470.99/N/A44/0
036 Windows00:58:030.99/N/A42/0
038 Journeys End00:57:570.99/N/A35/0
Special Edition 037 The Baptism of Christ00:25:530.97/N/A27/0

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