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This short documentary series, produced for the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, shows how environmental threats such as nutrient pollution and sea level rise are impacting the way of life on Cape Cod. Rather than offer solutions from talking head experts, the series aims to starts a conversation about how we are all connected by water— and our role in protecting it.

Episode 1- Cape Cod's Water at Risk:
What do a shell fisherman in East Falmouth, a retiree in Eastham, and an artist in Santuit have in common? Pollution from septic systems, fertilizer and stormwater runoff, that's what! This short documentary shows how water connects us all-- and how nutrient pollution is impacting the way of life on Cape Cod.

Episode 2- Water for Oysters:
This short documentary focuses on the potential for shellfish aquaculture to clean up Cape Cod’s troubled estuaries. With a behind-the-scenes view of life on an oyster farm, input from experts at the Marine Biological Laboratory and Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, and a cool oyster water filtration timelapse, the video provides a comprehensive perspective on a little-known, yet promising, adaptive wastewater management strategy using oysters.

Episode 3- Sea Level Rise: Changing Cape Cod's Groundwater
Sea level rise is threatening Cape Cod's coastline, but the impacts are not always visible. Funded by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust, the Association to Preserve Cape Cod teamed up with the US Geological Survey and the Cape Cod Commission to map and model how rising seas are causing groundwater to rise under our feet- and around critical infrastructure such as septic systems, sewer lines, and gas mains. As USGS Hydrologist Peter Weiskel puts it, this could be called "an inundation from below" study.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The information is most relevant to the local (Cape Cod/coastal New England) audience, but given Cape Cod's national fame and the fact that nitrogen & phosphorus pollution affects all coastal communities, there should be nation-wide interest.

Type of Show: Documentary

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 90 days

Show Producer: UnderCurrent Productions

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