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The Spirit of Christmas is a Sixty Minute concert film that combines Christmas classics with amazing rock and pop musicianship and original songs.

The live performance was filmed at the restored Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix Arizona and is a must see for your viewers. The Northern Light Orchestra "The Spirit of Christmas" album contains performances by musicians and singers that combined bty sold over 400 mill albums worldwide and includes household names such as Lanny Cordolla (Donavan, House of Lords) Phillip Bardowell (Beach Boys) Debbie Sledge (Sister Sledge) Ken Mary (Alice Cooper Band) Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot) Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) and Brian Stewart (Keyboards) the show was taped in front of an enthusiastic live audience and has appeared on television worldwide. "I think the production value of the program is excellent, and it provides a fresh alternative to some of the other traditional holiday music specials we have been broadcasting during the holiday season. It is certainly one of our goals to present a wide variety of musical genres and styles to our viewing audience, and I think Northern Light Orchestra satisfies that on many levels." Pete Coglianese, Media Coordinator, City of Cupertino.

The setting and filming of Spirit of Christmas makes this a must see for Christmas music lovers everywhere and for fans of rock music this is a great find.

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