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Each five-minute weekly episode of Global Pulse focuses on one important breaking news event, comparing and contrasting how it was covered by TV news outlets worldwide.

In a world that has gone global, national coverage can be too narrowly focused to reveal the true story. Global Pulse is a fast-moving and entertaining "meta-news" program that reveals the impact of news events beyond national borders, tracking important stories you might have missed, and finding new angles on stories you thought you understood.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Link TV

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030509 Global Pulse Mexicos Drug Wars.mpg00:05:200.1368
031209 Global Pulse Al Bashir and Sudan.mpg00:05:070.1248
031909 Global Pulse Global Meltdown Human Fallout.mpg00:04:370.1149
040909 Global Pulse North Korea- Where Truth Lies.mpg00:04:590.1140
041709 Global Pulse Chinas Stimulus Package.mpg00:05:000.1236
042409 Global Pulse Politics of Torture.mpg00:05:000.1233
050109 Global Pulse Swine Flu.mpg00:05:000.1234
050809 Global Pulse Pakistan - Women vs Taliban.mpg00:05:000.1233
051509 Global Pulse Fall and Rise of Zuma.mpg00:05:000.1226
052109 Global Pulse_SriLanka Propaganda War.mpg00:05:000.1222
052909 Global Pulse Cleaning Up Coal.mpg00:05:060.1225
060409 Global Pulse North Korea Nuclear Tantrum.mpg00:05:000.1229
061209 Global Pulse Iranian Elections Media Matters00:05:000.1225
061909 Global Pulse The BRIC and the SCO.mpg00:05:000.1221
062609 Global Pulse Voice of Iran.mpg00:04:590.1229
070910 Global Pulse_Bhopal and BP.mpg00:05:000.1216
071009 Global Pulse Uighurs vs Han- China's West Side Story.mpg00:04:590.1226
071709 Global Pulse Cyber Attack or Media Hack.mpg00:04:550.1234
072409 Global Pulse Moonstruck.mpg00:05:000.1134
073109 Global Pulse Climate Change Refugees.mpg00:05:000.1234
080709 Global Pulse Mr Clinton Goes To Pyongyang.mpg00:05:000.1229
081409 Global Pulse World Leaders Naked.mpg00:05:000.1229
081909 Global Pulse Afghan Women Far From Equal.mpg00:05:000.1233
082809 Global Pulse_Healthcare-America & The World.mpg00:05:000.1234
090409 Global Pulse Iran's Power Player.mpg00:05:000.1225
091109 Global Pulse Swine Flu The Vaccination.mpg00:05:000.1234
091809 Global Pulse Bonus Battle.mpg00:05:000.1228
100109 Global Pulse Promo.mpg00:02:380.0617
100709 Global Pulse China Peaks World Freaks.mpg00:05:000.1231
101409 Global Pulse: Obama Nobel War & Peace Prize.mpg00:05:000.1230
102809_Global Pulse_Pakistan at War.mpg00:05:000.1228
111809 Global Pulse_China-A Second Superpower.mpg00:05:000.1223
120209 Global Pulse_Afr Cash for Climate Change.mpg00:05:000.1221
2009.12.23 Global Pulse Year End Special00:27:150.6724
2010.1.15 Global Pulse Finishing START00:05:000.1218
2010.1.29 Global Pulse Haiti in the Media00:06:000.1422
2010.2.12 Global Pulse Nigeria00:05:000.1223
2010.2.26 Global Pulse Obesity Going Global00:05:000.1233
2010.3.13 Global Pulse Chimerica00:05:000.1225
2010.3.19 Global Pulse Muslim Fashion-Cover Me Beautiful00:05:000.1227
20100402 Global Pulse The Pope, Sex Abuse and The Catholic Church00:05:000.1223
20100416 Global Pulse Debt-Greece vs California00:05:300.1327
20100430 Global Pulse The Drug War vs The War on Drugs00:04:590.0835
20100514 Global Pulse: Time Square Bomber,terrorist or Pawn?00:05:000.1227
20100528 Global Pulse Korea Family Feud00:05:000.1224
20100611 Global Pulse- South Africa: A Cup Half Full00:05:000.1229
20100625 Global Pulse: Afghanistan: War, Wealth, Propaganda and Petraeus00:05:000.1237

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