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The Legal Edition provides the latest Legal, Business & Policy News on issues that mainstream media ignores or overlooks. Whether it be Privacy, Surveillance, GMO’s & Toxic Herbicides sprayed on food, or Deadly compounds mixed with vaccines, or placed in human teeth–The Legal Edition reports it.

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The Show includes high-level guests in industry, academia, corporate America and best-selling authors who have information to share with viewers on issues from internet security, corporate 'bottom line' to the affect of activities on the environment to food safety. The show is currently being broadcast across the US and is available for download around the globe. The Legal Edition--exploring ideas of progress and the future.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: The Legal Edition

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01: The Legal Edition: the Fiscal Cliff & the New Federal Tax Rules00:26:190.51/N/A4/0
02 The Legal Edition: Developing A Business with the Small Business Administration as Your Guide00:19:100.37/N/A3/0
03 The Legal Edition: Benefit Corporations-How to Be Socially Responsible and Profitable at the Same Time-Atty. Wm. Clark, Jr.00:47:500.82/N/A4/0
04 The Lega Edition: Innovations in Job Creation-New Millennium-Massachusetts State Treasurer-Steve Grossman00:43:300.71/N/A4/0
05 The Legal Edition: Show Topic: Common Good Investing & Common Good Capitalism (Part 1) Dr. Terry Mollner of Ben & Jerry's00:29:300.57/N/A2/0
06 The Legal Edition: Common Good Investing-The Inevitability of Common Good Capitalism (pt. 2), Dr. Mollner of Ben & Jerry's00:29:370.57/N/A2/0
07 The Legal Edition: Occupy Wall St From Within - Dr. Mark Albion, Former Dean of Harvard Business School00:29:470.55/N/A2/0
08 The Legal Edition: The Carbon Nation: Politics & Policies of a Carbon Tax-Massachusetts State Senator Mike Barrett00:29:390.58/N/A3/0
09 The Legal Edition: 'B' Certified & The Beneficial 'B-ing Sweeping the Nation--B-Lab Director of Policy, New York City00:29:110.61/N/A2/0
10 The Legal Edition: LEEDing by Design-Eco-Friendly ‘Sustainable’ Green Building Standards & Designs00:29:440.61/N/A5/0
11 The Legal Edition Fracking Our Future-From Pipelines to Profits to a Community Near You--Sr. Atty. Environment America00:30:250.53/N/A5/0
12 The Legal Edition: Dirty Little Secrets--The Oil & Gas Industry Doesn't Want You to Know-Dr. A. Ingraffea, Cornell Univ.00:29:250.48/N/A8/0
13 The Legal Edition: Managing The Risks Of Climate Change While Averting Economic Disaster-Dr. Dale Jorgenson, Harvard Univ.00:29:560.47/N/A8/0
14a_The Legal Edition-Our Oceans-Our Survival-One Earth-Part 2-Extended Interview (The Legal Edition 'Unabridged')00:34:010.58/N/A6/0
14_The Legal Edition: Our Oceans–Our Survival–One Earth-Part 100:30:310.53/N/A7/0
15 The New Food Order: How Glyphosate, Herbicides & GMO’s Are Shaping Our Future...00:25:180.57/N/A4/0
16: Takers, Makers and the 47%–The New Wave of Safety Netters Catapulting out of Poverty and Into New Age Entrepreneurs00:28:390.58/N/A4/0
17 The Next Generation: From Pipelines to Propaganda-Putting the 'Best' Energy Policies to Work 00:29:230.68/N/A7/0
18: The Great Cholesterol Deception--The Story Behind the Statins00:29:530.37/N/A6/0
19: From Rites to Remedies-How Homeopathic Medicine Has Saved Lives During Global Pandemics 00:34:380.68/N/A7/0
20: The Legal Edition: Toxic Food & Toxic Metals00:29:260.60/N/A6/0
21a Toxic Exposure-Toxic Truth-The Real Story About Vaccines-The Children They Injured-The Lives They Ruined (part 1)00:28:500.54/N/A5/0
21b Toxic Exposure-Toxic Truth-The Real Story About Vaccines-The Children They Injured The Lives They Ruined (part 2)00:29:150.59/N/A5/0
22 Vaccine Mandates: Greater Good or Greater Greed?00:29:210.54/N/A8/0
23 Autism & Environmental Toxins: Mercury, Medicine & Money00:29:170.62/N/A9/0
24 : Part 1: Toxic Teeth-Toxic Truth: Mercury, Amalgams & the FDA00:27:180.70/N/A5/0
24 Part 2: Toxic Teeth-Toxic Truth: Mercury, Amalgams & the FDA00:28:080.76/N/A4/0
25: GMO Fraud: Your Food, Your Health, Your Government00:28:560.55/N/A8/0
26: Going Dark or Getting Personal? The Battle Between Data, Privacy & Intrusion00:31:290.64/N/A18/0
27: Going Dark or Getting Personal? The Battle Between Data, Privacy & Our Constitution00:29:230.50/N/A10/0
29: Sectarianism & Schism in the Middle East: What it is and How it Came to Be' 00:29:260.60/N/A7/0
30: Public Education in America: Under Control, or Under Siege?00:29:440.59/N/A8/0
31: The Common Good Nation-A Nation Defined by Agreement00:28:290.67/N/A6/0
32: Who’s in Charge of the Internet? Privacy, GeoPolitics & the Big Chill00:29:59N/A/0.990/6
33: Early Insults: Effects of Chemical, Metal & Water-Borne Contaminants on the Developing Brain00:30:000.64/0.993/3
34: Gerrymandering: Where to Draw the Line…00:29:34N/A/0.990/4
34: Gerrymandering: Where to Draw the Line…00:29:340.64/N/A4/0
35: Making the Connection: How Herbicide Use Correlates to Modern Disease00:29:13N/A/0.990/1
35: Making the Connection: How Herbicide Use Correlates to Modern Disease00:29:130.63/N/A2/0

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