"explore: Witchcraft and Space" - A Two-Part Special, Now Available for Free Downloading!

In preparation for the holiday weekend, Link TV is happy to announce the release of two brand new 30-minute explore programs, which make up the chilling special, "explore: Witchcraft and Space".

Please visit the following links to download each program, free of charge:

explore: Salem Witch Hunt - http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/ep/6648/detail&destination=msvr...
In PART ONE of the eerie special, "explore: Witchcraft and Space", explore.org brings you the chilling film Salem Witch Hunt, a stark portrayal of how prejudice and fear can lead a deeply religious community into turmoil. In 1692, mass hysteria engulfed the small Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts. By the fall of 1692, 150 citizens had been accused of witchcraft — those that did not confess were hanged. Travel through history with Charlie and the explore Team to uncover the bizarre origins, innocent victims and final resolution of the infamous Salem Witch Hunt.

explore: Special Episode 17 - Space - http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/ep/6649/detail&destination=msvr...
In PART TWO of the eerie special, "explore: Witchcraft and Space", join filmmaker and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the explore Team on their visit to Charlie's hometown, Roswell, New Mexico, the site of what some call the largest government cover-up of the past century: the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. Then, meet the children of Marsh Fork Elementary in Sundial, West Virginia, where the very coal mining that supports the community also threatens the local students. And, get a glimpse of where astronomers go to peer into the heavens, at the Keck Observatory atop a dormant volcano in Hawaii.

Note: These programs are best presented when paired together, as a 1-hour special under the title of explore: Witchcraft and Space, but we've uploaded them separately to accommodate channels used to explore's regular 30-minute format.

NEW Collection on CURRENT U.S. ELECTION ISSUES - Voting Irregularities, Minority Suffrage, Reproductive Rights

Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman launches new collection of award winning documentary films on current U.S. election issues. The collection includes STEALING AMERICA Vote by Vote, RECLAIMING THEIR VOICE: The Native American Vote in New Mexico and From the BACK-ALLEYS to the SUPREME COURT & BEYOND. These films discuss important issues, such as voting irregularities, minority suffrage and reproductive rights that should be on people’s minds as we approach the November 2010 election.

Fadiman’s newest film in this collection RECLAIMING Their VOICE follows Native Americans in New Mexico taking a stand against injustice in the political process. The film premiered in New Mexico in October 2010 at the Duke City Doc Fest where it was awarded the “Best New Mexico Film Award”. It is based on personal stories that demonstrate how minority communities are using their voting rights as they participate more fully in elections. Critics have called it "... both heartbreaking and eye opening. A 'must see' to understand how fragile our democracy is”
 (Nancy Stapp -Taos, NM, Winner of Women in Radio Award).

To find out more about the films in this NEW collection on CURRENT ELECTION ISSUES, visit and download the films for FREE on the following PEG Media sites:

Click here to download RECLAIMING Their VOICE for FREE today!

Click here to download STEALING AMERICA for FREE today!



East Bay Media Center Bestows Renown Digital Halo Media Activist Award

Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future, a weekly award-winning television show broadcast throughout Hawai`i, the US, internationally and on the web, has been awarded the prestigious Digital Halo Media Activist Award by the East Bay Media Center.

The award is given annually to filmmakers who have been judged to have successfully spread ideas online and galvanized community action.

“This award recognizes the Koani Foundation’s successful use of digital media for social change within Hawai`i,” states Paul Kealoha Blake of East Bay Media Center. "Voices Of Truth” and all the work the Koani Foundation does throughout Hawai`i and the world exemplifies excellence in media and social justice.”

The East Bay Media Center, which produces the Berkeley Video and Film Festival annually, recognizes activists internationally working for social change through digital media.

“We’re thrilled to receive this important award and recognition,” remarked `Ehu Kekahu Cardwell, a director of the Koani Foundation. “We remain strongly committed to the use of the Internet as a means to educate the world about a Free Hawai`i.”

Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future, a winner of the 2009 WAVE Video Awards, has already been announced as a 2010 finalist. The WAVE Video Awards is a regional video competition in nine western US states.

Voices Of Truth airs on local access television throughout Hawai`i and is broadcast on Peg Media here - http://pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/338/detail

Grinning and Spinning - More on Net Neutrality

"Every time [FCC Chairman] Genachowski is faced with a moment that requires action to make good on his lofty promises and protect the American people, he dithers, calls for a new study, asks industry behemoths to solve policy issues for him, and keeps grinning and spinning: a style reminiscent of the regulatory failure that preceded the recent financial crisis and the Gulf oil spill. Disasters that could have been avoided if regulators had simply exercised meaningful oversight of the industries they were supposed to be monitoring. Those regulators dithered and capitulated, and our economy and our oceans are worse for it." -Josh Silver, President, Free Press

The public is rapicly losing the broadcast space to large corporations. Net Neutrality is a way to protect the Internet so it's still available to everyone on an equal basis. For more on Net Neutrality and why it's important to us, see Why it's "Radical" to Fight Corporate Control of Government (And Why Net Neutrality Is a Remedy).

Downloading Show Episodes

To download episodes of a show, go to a particular show's description page. You can get there by going to "Quick List of all Shows" in the right hand column of the web site. For each episode which is downloadable you will see a green down arrow which indicates it's available for download. Depending on the browser you have and the operating system, you typically click the left mouse button and save the file to the correct folder on your machine.

If your machine is configured to start playing the file instead of saving it, you can use a right mouse button click on that green arrow and on a Windows machine, select from the menu "Save Target As" to save the file to your machine. On a MAC, after the right mouse button click, select "Download Linked File As..." from the menu.

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If you use a download manager, typically you should configure it to download a single file at a time. Even if you are only downloading one file, they typically download multiple segments of it in parallel to increase download speed.

Using Internet Explorer for multiple simultaneous downloads:

For those users who prefer to use the native capabilities of Internet Explorer instead of a Download Manager, there is a limit to the number of concurrent threads allowed. IE7 only allows 2 and IE8 allows 6. To fix these limits refer to this link:


You can then have multiple downloads happening simultaneously using Internet Explorer. Thanks to Doug McAllister at Amerherst Community Access Television for this information!

5 New Episodes of Explore and more, from Link TV!

Link TV is excited to announce that 5 new episodes of Explore are now available for downloading on PegMedia.org!

Travel the world with Charlie Annenberg and the Explore Team on their journey to uncover and champion the selfless acts of others. Join Explore through the Middle East to learn about the rich cultural and religious attributes of countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan, in "Religion in the Middle East".

Get an inside look at the ideas and talents expressed by the young leaders of tomorrow, in "Youthful Expressions". Hear to the sounds and melodies of "India's Song" and witness the ancient, vanishing art of listening. Go to http://pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/2/detail for these shows and more.

Learn more at www.explore.org.

And, don't miss Link TV's Rappers, Divas and Virtuosos: New Music from the Muslim World. Modernity meets tradition in this new mini-series, a collection of short films highlighting some of the most dynamic cultural innovators in the Muslim world today -- vibrant musicians from Iran, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, and Morocco. Four 30-minute episodes, now available for free at http://pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/98/detail

Lots more content, coming soon!

Hollywood Fears Google TV. Should PEG as well?

If Google TV takes off an franchising is no longer necessary, there goes our major funding source. But are there ways to use this to our advantage instead?

For an interesting article, see "Hollywood Fears Google TV" at http://www.lightreading.com/blog.asp?blog_sectionid=423&doc_id=195872&si...

Good News on the PEG Front in Durham, North Carolina

From Tony Vigue, South Portland, Maine.

Many news stories about the plight of our local channels cross my desk, but I thought you might like to see this one about the Durham, NC Public Access channel. Their issues mirror those of many communities in Maine although, fortunately we don't have one statewide franchise that eliminates PEG support funding, (giving the cable operators even more profits than they already enjoy!)

The funding issues described in this article are similar to Maine in that the State and the municipalities funnel off most franchise fee revenue into the general fund, esp. during difficult times, leaving the stations without the resources to produce long term quality programming. What they do produce on their limited funding however, is remarkable, as it is here in Maine.


Health care: The Chronic Epidemic of Diabetes

To raise awareness about one of the nation’s biggest, costliest, and fastest-growing health problems, Hopkinton Community Television, the Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, have collaborated to produce "Diabetes: Chronic Epidemic", a special presentation of HCAM-TV/Mass. Medical Society’s monthly show Physician Focus.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., with nearly 24 million adults and children having the condition. And its incidence keeps rising: each year, 1.6 million new cases are diagnosed in those 20 years and older. By one estimate, the number of cases will double in the next 25years. The disease is the leading cause of blindness and kidney disease in the U.S. and a major cause of amputations, stroke, and heart disease.

The one-hour program takes an in-depth look at a condition that has become a major public health crisis as much as a personal medical condition. Designed as a basic primer on the disease, "Diabetes: Chronic Epidemic" features physicians, public health officials, and diabetes educators discussing the types of the disease, its prevalence and impact, and how to live with and treat the disease -- and how to avoid it. The show also includes two public service spots and a list of resources for more information.

View "Diabetes: Chronic Epidemic" here www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/ep/5268/detail

Graceful Aging and the Power of PegMedia With Over 1,000 Downloads

Older adults have a right and desire to enjoy life to its fullest. This desire, combined with the show’s professional production detail and passion of the show’s guests and staff, have rapidly drawn viewers in over 95 television markets from coast to coast, reaching over 5 million households. According to its host, Gregory Bator, “Graceful Aging hit its 1000th download sooner than I ever anticipated or imagined. Personally, I view every download as significantly improving at least one life. PegMedia and the stations joining our Graceful Aging community share in our pride. With each episode aired, we know that the lives of older adults and their families greatly benefit. Together we are using the power of community access television for the good of our country.”

Graceful Aging is a show designed to promote living safe, healthy, and dignified. Host Gregory Bator asks interesting questions of wonderful guests. Each guest is selected for their experience and knowledge. Guests include professional chefs, FBI Agents, renowned geriatric care managers, home security experts, assistive technology gurus, authors, marriage therapists, dementia specialists, geriatric medical professionals, and many others.

Each episode focuses on a single topic important to older adults and those concerned. Driving for older adults, home safety, fall prevention, dementia issues, marriage and dating are samples of past shows. Each show is guided towards practical useful information by host and producer Gregory Bator. “Our goal for every show is to enhance and improve an older adult’s life. Spouses, family members, and friends often struggle with aging issues. We tackle and unravel those struggles,” says Bator. Show access is at: http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/284/detail.

Gregory Bator, when not producing Graceful Aging or conducting charity auctioneering, practices law in Michigan.

Details on Your Download Account

If you'd like to see your spending on downloads, click on "My Account" in the left hand column of PegMedia website pages.

It will show you the current balance, how much you've added and how much you've used. It will also show you the amount of show downloads covered by producers of those shows.

In addition, if you're a producer covering download costs, you can see your current balance and how much you've spend.

Video Camera Trick

Probably many stations know this trick, but in case you don't here's a short video on it from

David Mallett in Concert

Singer-songwriter, David Mallett, is one of America’s true original troubadours.

In a career spanning four decades, he has recorded 14 albums, had several hundred covers of his songs, including the American folk classic Garden Song [Inch by Inch, Row by Row] and performed in clubs, concert halls and festivals across the US, Canada and Europe. He has appeared on numerous broadcasts, including National Public Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion. Known for his carefully written, poetic offerings, his body of work has provided material for an eclectic list of artists that includes Alison Krauss, Pete Seeger, Hal Ketchum, Emmylou Harris, John Denver and the Muppets.

This concert video was recorded at the Chocolate Church in Bath, Maine, and includes many of David's Classic songs.

He is accompanied by his 5 piece band. The show runs about 80 minutes and can be found at http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/396/detail.

Behind the Scenes Taping at Lone Bobcat Woods

Here’s a behind-the-scenes view of our first Peak Moment Conversation taped with a remote guest — Carolyn Baker in Boulder, Colorado — with Janaia in our home “studio” in the kitchen (chosen for the interesting background).

What you’re seeing is Janaia talking with Carolyn using Skype internet video on her computer.

In the foreground is the camera which is videotaping Janaia and storing it directly on Robyn’s computer, where you see the image on the screen.

ColorLines: Race and Economic Recovery

President Obama says the stimulus saved or created millions of jobs. But is the recovery really working? The American dream of good jobs and strong communities is still just a dream for too many. The unfair economy hurts certain groups more, and that ends up hurting everyone. From the bottom line to the unemployment line to the color line, watch a new in-depth program from Link TV and the Applied Research Center for a closer look: ColorLines: Race and Economic Recovery.

ColorLines: Race and Economic Recovery follows communities making ends meet in the Great Recession. The program narrates the moving story of Tisha, mother of three in Connecticut, facing a social safety net shredded further by the crisis. Then the program goes to Los Angeles where community-based organization SCOPE has mobilized to win green jobs for communities of color. You will also meet some students from Oakland’s Green Jobs program.

For more details on ColorLines, see http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/ep/4526/detail&destination=msvr...

100 Episodes of "Hot and Cold" Now Up

The production value is quite high and the show is very interesting. The Hot and Cold shows were originally for commercial use, but have had all the advertising edited out. However, there are still break points if stations which to insert a local message. Shows are just under a half hour.

The producer and host, Tom Gocze, currently also has a radio show and newpaper column in Maine.

The show is at http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/8/detail on PegMedia.

Now, see free download shows!

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We encourage you to use both the shows for which there is no charge to you as well as the ones which have the small download fee. The more networking we have, the better.

In fairness to the producers, please only download shows which you will actually be broadcasting.

New Download Pricing Change . . . 99 Cents Max

The download charge is based on 50 cents per gigabyte. However, that made large files be somewhat expensive (up to $2.50 for a 5 Gigabyte file).

The server cost for PegMedia has a fixed component and one that is based on file size. Upon working with the numbers we found that an adjustment would be possible while keeping PegMedia self-supporting.

Therefore, in order to help level the cost across videos, the charge has been changed so that it is still based on the 50 cents per gigabyte, but now the maximum charge per download is 99 cents.

This would apply both to sponsored and unsponsored shows.

Incomplete downloads still remain as no charge.

You'll see the new pricing in show listings effective immediately.

Allowable Usage and Parameters for PegMedia Content

The content on this site is to be used only by community television (PEG) stations and only for their broadcast on cable channels and live-streaming of their cable channel signal for non-commercial purposes only. The content on this site is not available for on-demand streaming, additional distribution or other purposes.

New Functions for Downloading

With the changes in PegMedia.org to have the costs of downloading covered by the downloading stations, we have added a few new functions.

New Congressional Legislation for PEG Stations Needs Your Help

As a result of recent rulings by the FCC and the adoption of Statewide Franchises in several states which have compromised the signal quality, financial support and availability of PEG channels, Congressional Representative Tammy Baldwin (WI-D), introduced HR 3745 "To amend the Communications Act of 1934” "to provide for carriage and display of public, educational, and government channels in a manner consistent with commercial channels, and for other purposes".

More info about this important legislation and how you can participate if you wish to contact your Congressional Representative and Representative Baldwin to voice your support can be found at http://www.alliancecm.org/cap. This ACM write-up is well worth reading and well worth following the various links. Certainly the cable companies will be speaking up in opposition, but this is our chance to potentially make a difference in our future by letting our Representatives know how important this is to PEG stations.

New "Hear Me Now Video" Helps Support Microfinance in Bangladesh

With the support of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Marlow Bevan and Milla Sunde set up The Green Children Foundation, to help support micofinance, education and healthcare initiatives. With the dissemination of original songs and moving videos, The Green Children promote various ways of helping the poor around the world, and raise money through the sale of their music.

"Hear Me Now", written and performed by The Green Children, Milla and Marlow, is a touching music video filmed entirely in the rural villages of Bangladesh, illustrating the women borrowers of 'Grameen Bank', or the 'bank for the poor', and promoting micro-finance as a means to eradicating poverty.

Watch or download this show at http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/ep/3148/detail.

PegMedia Now Over 1,000 Stations and Producers!

The PegMedia growth has been phenomenal. One producer describes it as "PegMedia continues to grow like a radiation-exposed gila monster".

We're now over 1000 stations and producers signed up and using the system. We have thousands of hours of programming online and over 2,000 downloads per week.

Thanks for being part of the PegMedia community and helping to make this work. And thanks to all the stations and producers who have helped us spread the word to other stations and producers!

Gorillas 98.6% Human on New Link TV Explore Episode

"Gorillas...98.6% Human" is a great new episode now up on Link TV Explore.

On a trip to Rwanda, Explore had the opportunity to visit four families of wild mountain gorillas, a species with only 720 remaining members. Their guide is Craig Sholley, who has been intimately involved in the preservation of African wildlife for more than 30 years. The team's thrilling interaction with these peaceful creatures - who share 98.6% of their genetic makeup with humans - is a startling reminder of their own humanity.

To preview or download this program, go to our PegMedia episode page at http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/ep/2365/detail&destination=msvr...


Maui Film Festival award: http://www.mauifilmfestival.com/mffw_awards.php
Explore.org: http://www.linktv.org/explore/africa/films/176

And if you like this Explore episode, please check out all the other episodes for Explore at http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/2/detail

Link TV’s Global Pulse now on Pegmedia

“Global Pulse is Link TV’s global news series that compares and contrasts TV news stories from around the world.

Each fast-moving weekly 5-minute episode of Global Pulse focuses on one important news event – how that event was reported in the country where it happened, in regions of the world where points of view differ from our own, and in the US, where non-American information is usually filtered, and sometimes blocked.

Each episode of Global Pulse distills important details and unexpected perspectives from its database of over 40 daily half-hour news programs: ranging from Fox News to Al Jazeera to Venezuela’s Telesur to the BBC to Iran’s Press TV. Global Pulse is often out front of US news networks on breaking stories, because we have a broader vantage point.

PegMedia.org Welcomes "Explore"!

One of our jewels on the PegMedia.org lineup of shows is “Explore” from Link TV.

Explore is based on a concept developed by and advanced under the leadership of Charles Annenberg Weingarten, with the support of the Annenberg Foundation. Explore is a philanthropic multimedia organization that makes documentary films and photographs to showcase extraordinary nonprofit efforts and leaders around the world.

Perils for Pedestrians

“Perils for Pedestrians” has been added to the ftp site. Perils goes around the US and other countries with John Wetmore to cover pedestrian related issues in various cities. This show is quite timely with the high interest in transportation and energy conservation. It also ties in well for those interested in quality of life in communities.

Things Are Jumpin' at the Jook Joint

We've been adding more shows to Jook Joint, a great blues show produced and hosted by E. C. Scott. E. C. is well-known blues performer herself and includes a lot of great talent on the show.

Jook Joint is produced at Mid Peninsula Media Center, a community center for video media production on the San Francisco Peninsula, but the show has nationwide appeal. Jook Joint is one of PegMedia's most downloaded shows.

More shows are continually being produced and uploaded. Please check back from time to time.

Two More "Explore" Specials Up On PegMedia.org

As part of Link TV’s commitment to PegMedia, they have put up extra episodes of Explore on PegMedia. We now have two more special episodes, one on China and the other on the Yangtze River and several other interesting topics.

Explore: China

With a population of 1.4 billion, the People’s Republic of China is vitally important to the planet. China’s rapid growth impacts the environment locally and globally. In a world affected by globalization, China embodies the phenomenon in both positive and negative ways. China’s modern society provides a better life for many but also brings with it a loss of cultural tradition and natural resources.

To uncover some of the mysteries of China, Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the Explore team set out on a three-week fact-finding mission through Beijing, Shanghai, Tibet, Wolong, Xi’an and beyond. Each stop brings them closer to grasping the complexities of the country’s ancient culture and the implications of modernization. Meeting with some of the most innovative minds and leading non-profit organizations across the country, the Explore team delves into issues such as the environment, human rights, public health, social change, philosophy and education.

From the Yangtze to the 'Hood

Join Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the Explore team in this special program featuring some of their most memorable expeditions, including a journey down China’s spectacular Yangtze River; a glimpse into the lives of Orca whales; a visit to a notorious African slave dungeon; and the inspiring story of how Father Boyle created Los Angeles-based “Homeboy Industries” – a non-profit organization that has succeeded in helping troubled youth leave the gang life to lead positive and productive lives.

For previews of these and other Explore programs, be sure to visit their web site at www.explore.org. You can also sign up for the Explore newsletter at their site as well.

The Explore programs are of extremely high production quality and should be of interest to virtually every audience. Please take a look at these shows and the others in the Explore series. We think you’ll like them. And thanks to Link TV for sharing.

"Saturday Fright Special" Joins the PegMedia Community

The goal of PegMedia is to be a "community sharing community media". The words of Saturday Fright Special's Mark Nelson say it best:

"I have to say that I absolutely love the PegMedia site. I'd briefly been involved with delivering our show (SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL) digitally via BitTorrent to a site maintained by the Concord, NH access station, and this is far easier and faster. Navigation and the organization of information is very clear and straightforward, and the site as a nice simple, pleasing-to-the-eye look.

And let me say that we at SFS are THRILLED to see how quickly our show has been grabbed by various stations all over the country. I've become addicted to repeatedly checking the "see downloading stations" page, as until PegMedia came along, our reach was from CT to ME. I was a bit knocked for a loop when I noticed stations in FL, MN, and KS taking a look-see at our program."

Mark Nelson, Saturday Fright Special, www.saturdayfrightspecial.com

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