Welcome to PEGMedia.org

PegMedia.org is a media transfer site for PEG (Public, Education, Government) community television stations and producers of media for these stations. This site is an easy way for producers to make their programming known and available to many stations simultaneously and, at the same time, to give stations a wide variety of programming from which to choose.

The media on PegMedia is ONLY for the use of non-profit PEG Community Television Stations and no other purpose unless explicit written permission is obtained by the downloader from the producer of that media. Further or continuing use of the media is always at the discretion of the producer of each piece of media. The download fees on PegMedia only cover the costs of the bandwidth on the PegMedia site and give the downloaders no rights or ownership in the media.

Additionally, at the producer's option media use might have an expiration date or might be made non-available at some future date.

The stations who use PegMedia for content cover tens of millions of cabled homes and represent more than 60% of the total cable viewership in the US, giving producers a very large potential audience.

We welcome producers who are PEG stations, independent producers, musicians, and documentary and film makers, in a wide variety of genre.

Individual producers do not have to go through the effort of contacting stations with their new products, nor the expense of setting up their own distribution site. Additionally, producers can monitor which stations are downloading their content so they know how well their productions are being received as well as having a basis for asking for grants or sponsorship.

PegMedia.org started in Maine, with a couple of stations transferring programming. It quickly grew to most of the PEG stations in Maine and then expanded to stations and content producers around the US.

Stations and producers must create an account on this site to perform downloads and uploads. Downloads are via your web browser and this web site. Uploads (for producers) are via ftp using the same PegMedia username and password.

PegMedia has a small charge (99 cents or less per video) for the bandwidth and storage charges for each video downloaded. For some shows, the producer covers the download cost, and for the remaining shows, the cost is covered by the downloading stations. This charge is calculated such that it covers the costs of PegMedia so that it can remain viable and continue to grow. PegMedia is a nonprofit corporation.

For specifics on uploading and downloading, see the links under "Downloading Video Files" and "Uploading Video Files (For Producers)" in the right hand column of this web site.

We encourage producers and stations who are interested in being part of this content sharing to create an account and become part of the group.