Grinning and Spinning - More on Net Neutrality

"Every time [FCC Chairman] Genachowski is faced with a moment that requires action to make good on his lofty promises and protect the American people, he dithers, calls for a new study, asks industry behemoths to solve policy issues for him, and keeps grinning and spinning: a style reminiscent of the regulatory failure that preceded the recent financial crisis and the Gulf oil spill. Disasters that could have been avoided if regulators had simply exercised meaningful oversight of the industries they were supposed to be monitoring. Those regulators dithered and capitulated, and our economy and our oceans are worse for it." -Josh Silver, President, Free Press

The public is rapicly losing the broadcast space to large corporations. Net Neutrality is a way to protect the Internet so it's still available to everyone on an equal basis. For more on Net Neutrality and why it's important to us, see Why it's "Radical" to Fight Corporate Control of Government (And Why Net Neutrality Is a Remedy).