Setting Up Your Shows to Share With Stations

The PegMedia site is for distribution of quality video content which has regional or national interest between PEG stations.


Types of shows:

PegMedia is set up to distribute shows which currently have an audience of more than one or two PEG stations (ideally five or more stations). For small distributions, (such as a local show, a church service, a club meeting, or a very niche show), your setup and upload time and our storage expense makes them not viable. But for these small distributions, mailing a dvd or a simple ftp account is much more efficient.

The shows which make sense for PegMedia are ones that have a wider interest, such as for stations in an entire state, a region, or the entire country and which are not extreme niche shows, and we welcome these shows over a wide range of topics.

Program constraints:

We're trying to keep the quality level high so that when stations browse through the program listings, they can be confident they are working with good content.

Additionally, we want the files to be ready to download and be inserted onto a video server without any editing or rerendering required.

Programs should be non-commercial with no advertising. Sponsorship is ok if it meets PBS guidelines, but if sponsorship is embedded, there is a chance that fewer stations might decide to broadcast that particular program.

If this is a multi-episode show, ideally the episodes should be of consistent length (generally 28:00, 28:30, 58:00, or 58:30) so a slot can be reserved in programming line-ups and does not need to be padded each time is broadcast.

Before you can upload episodes for a show, we must set up your show folder. In order for us to do this, please email " -a t-" with the email title NEW SHOW FOLDER and the following in the text of the email:

  1. Your PegMedia Username,
  2. A statement that you have authority to post and share all content in your episode files with PegMedia stations,
  3. The title of the show,
  4. A one or two paragraph description of the show (not individual episodes) and what it's about,
  5. The number of episodes currently available to be put online,
  6. The frequency of episodes (monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc.),
  7. Whether the show's target audience is national or local,
  8. The state of the US the show is targeted for or produced in.

We will set up your show and EMAIL YOU BACK WHEN IT'S READY TO GO. At that point, you will see a link to the folder for the episodes of your show. Click on that link for the "Show Folder". Go down to the bottom of the show folder page for instructions on how to download your episodes.

Almost all stations now are using HD format files. The preferred file format is HD files in .mp4 format. You can also upload shows in the older SD format and they must be MPEG files (with a file extension of .mpg or .mpeg), but the resolution won't be as good and the number of stations carrying your shows will be lower.

Naming your episode video files:

The file name for each episode ideally should start with a four digit episode number with leading zeroes (such as 0034), a space, the program name (shorten if necessary) and then the episode name (try to be descriptive and use initial caps), such as:

  • 0010 Jook Joint Bobbie Blue Band.mp4

For mpg (SD) files.please use a .mpg extension and not .mpeg, for consistency. For HD files, please use .mp4.

By putting the above information in the file name, it stays with the file even as it's transferred to the station's server or other location. The episode numbers order the files by production date (usually) so the stations can see the new episodes at the end of the listings.

Uploading your episodes

To upload your episodes, go to your show page which was set up. You will need to be logged in with the username you specified on show setup as the producer. At the bottom you should see an upload box. Follow the instructions in the text included with the upload box to select files and upload. You can upload multiple episodes at one time.

After you have uploaded your episode(s)

Once you have uploaded your episodes to the server, it is put into holding area. When you are satisfied that the episode is uploaded completely and named appropriately, you can include it as an episode in your show folder. To do that, go to your show on by clicking on the show name in Quick list of all shows.

If your file has uploaded properly, you should see a header on your show description that says:

Attention Show Producer: This show has hold episode files. Please click here to view and/or process.

Click that link and you will be guided through the process of making an episode out of that file or replacing the file in a current episode. You can rename the file and add episode description information.

It's not only your episode content, it's what you say about your episode:

We provide the transfer mechanism for shows and the communication vehicle to get the word of your show out to potential stations. However, it is up to each producer to use the best possible text in the description of their shows and episodes if they would like as many stations as possible to be broadcasting their shows. This text will be used by the stations to decide if the episode is of interest and also by them for their programming schedule descriptions and any PR they might do. Usually it should be a paragraph or two of engaging text.

Turning off "Hide" when your show is ready for stations to download:

When your show is first set up, we will also have checked the "Hide" check box for the show so it's not yet visible to stations until you have content up and ready for download and you have made sure all your descriptions are accurate. Once you're ready to make the show public, go to "Quick List of All Shows", click on your show. At the bottom of the show description, uncheck the "Hide" check box. Click the save button and your show will be public.

Tracking downloads of your shows:

As a producer, once you have uploaded your show episodes, you can go to your show listing in At the bottom is additional information that only you can see such as how many downloads, who is downloading, etc. This will allow you to get a feeling as to how your show is being received by the stations.