Neighbor by Neighbor

The story begins in the summer of 2004, when the Mayor of Lewiston, Maine announced a plan to develop a four-lane boulevard across downtown's low-income neighborhood. The project was going to displace 850 people from their homes as well as destroy playgrounds, vegetable gardens, and historic buildings. As tragic as the circumstances were, the threat of a road destroying the neighborhood required residents to rise to the challenge of becoming community organizers and resist the city's plan.

Neighbor by Neighbor documents 5 years of development and community organizing in Lewiston, Maine. It's an incredible story of people coming together to protect their homes, hold their political leaders accountable, and work towards creating a democratic planning process that honors the input of low-income people as much as any other person's voice.

Before the 2008 Presidential Election, "community organizer" was a term rarely heard in mainstream media or pop culture. While the term became popularized through Barack Obama's campaign, most people still don't understand what community organizing actually looks like. Neighbor by Neighbor shows how it can make a difference. And although this is a Maine-based movie, the target viewing audience is nation-wide.

"In the wave of politically engaged documentaries made in the last decade, Neighbor by Neighbor stands out. This is not just a film about a social issue; it springs directly from the struggle for justice by the marginalized residents of one of America's forgotten industrial cities. This is what political documentary should look like." -Maple Razsa, Activist/Filmmaker, EnMasse Films

Neighbor by Neighbor has screened at the Maine International Film Festival, Maine African Film Festival, American Planners Association National Conference 2010, and is being shown in college and university classrooms across the United States. It is available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE under "Maine Made Movies" here on, courtesy of Round Point Movies.