How to Upload Your Show Episodes Once Your Show Is Set Up

If you have programs that might interest other stations, we can set up an area for your uploading your show(s). Please see details for show setup at This step must be completed before you try to upload. Otherwise we have no place to put the content.

Once we have set up your show folder, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your show detail page. You can also find that link by going to the link Quick List of All Shows in the right hand column of this website.

On your Show Detail page, at the bottom are instructions on how to upload your files together with a file selection and upload dialog. There are two easy steps: 1) You will upload the files and 2) You will turn them into episodes.


When your show is first set up, we will also have checked the "Hide" check box for the show so it's not yet visible to stations until you have content up and ready for download and you have made sure all your descriptions are accurate.

Once you're ready to make the show public, go to "Quick List of All Shows", click on your show to bring up the show detail page (don't go to an episode, but to the show page). At the bottom of the show description, you will see a link for Producer Show Edit. Click that link to get to the show edit page. Uncheck the "Hide" check box. Click the Save button and your show will be public.

Note: If your show is hidden and you are logged on as a PegMedia user other than the one set up as producer of the show, you won't see the show at all. Make sure you are first logged on as the producer.