NEW Built-In Upload Capability Replaces FTP Upload- PLEASE READ

FTP UPLOAD IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. There is a new built-in browser based upload function of the PegMedia web site. This new method has replaced the ftp method of uploading file. Use your browser on your show page instead!

Producers will see it at the bottom of their show page(s). YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN AS THE PRODUCER OF THE SHOW IN ORDER TO SEE THE UPLOAD BOX.

For downloading stations, there is absolutely no change.

Being browser-based, there are multiple software environments this new feature has to run under. We have tested it as much as possible and hope the deployment goes smoothly. Since this does use advanced browser features, if you have problems, make sure your browser is updated to the most recent level. If you have any questions, problems, suggestions, or comments, please email us at - at-