WOULD LIKE YOUR COMMENTS - Using DSLR Cameras for HD Studio Video

One of the PEG stations is interested in the possibility of using a DSLR camera with HDMI output as a HD studio camera. We thought this might be an interesting discussion topic on PegMedia and were looking for input. Comments have been enabled on this page for whatever thoughts you might have.

The camera probably be something like the image to the right of this text. It would need to output HDMI at 1080P 30fps and have the ability to be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi, infrared, or cable with functions of zoom and focus. Would need fast autofocus, ideally with face color sensing to keep faces in focus. Would need to have live HDMI output with no maximum time for shot. Interchangeable lenses would be good and probably under $1000, perhaps something like a Canon or Nikon but not necessary. Would be using a pan/tilt camera base for controlling positioning so several cameras could be used without an operator on each. Would probably be mixed with an editing program such as Wirecast.

It seems the technology to do this is within reach and probably affordable, but each camera has its great features and its limitations.

Any thoughts on this from producers and stations? Comments can be added below.