More Communities with HD PEG Broadcasting

The trend is continuing!

So far we have Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Verizon, Cox and RCN as providers. Most of the stations are using TelVue Servers.

If you (or others you know) are not on this list and are HD, please email so we can let others know that progress is being made. And comments are enabled on this post for more input...

The silence of PEG stations and HD is turning into a definite whisper. Let's work to make it a ROAR!

  • Philadelphia, PA. (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • St. Paul, Minnesota (Comcast)
  • White Bear Lake, Minnesota and 10 other communities that are part of the Ramsey Washington Suburban Cable Commission, Minnesota (Comcast)
  • Portland, Oregon (Comcast) (former TelVue, using ProVues too)
  • Gresham, Oregon (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • Vancouver, Washington (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • Tacoma, Washington (Comcast)
  • Manhattan, New York (Verizon, Time Warner, RCN)
  • Brooklyn, New York (Verizon, Time Warner, Cablevision) (former TelVue)
  • Bronx, New York (Verizon, Cablevision) (former TelVue)
  • Chicago, Illinois (RCN) (partial TelVue user)
  • Fairfax County, Virginia (Cox) (former TelVue)
  • Brookline, Massachusetts (RCN) (Just Play)
  • Burlington, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Framingham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Lexington, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Longmeadow, Massachusetts (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • Natick, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Needham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Newton, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Stoneham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Waltham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)