Determining the Dynamics of PEG Access Drones

By Aaron Todd, Leightronix

For quite a while now, drones have been an interesting and somewhat controversial topic. They first became entrenched in our culture with the advent of unmanned military drones. Ethical issues aside, these machines are an absolute technical marvel, representing years of aeronautical research and engineering. Perhaps it was these military-focused models that initially caused drones to seep into the consumer world, giving rise to the subject of this blog post: the commercial drone and its uses in community broadcasting.

Commercially-purchased drones have been gaining in popularity in recent years, which has in turn led to a reduction in price. For a couple hundred dollars, your organization can employ the use of a drone that can be fitted with a camera for recording video, or spend a bit more for a drone that already comes equipped with such a device right out of the box. From there, encoding that digital video content through an IncodeX Vier™ or UltraNEXUS-HD™ from a PC is the only additional required step to broadcast aerial footage directly to your PEG station or VieBit™ streaming solution. For the first time ever, getting high-quality aerial shots is affordable enough for PEG broadcasters or private organizations to take advantage of.

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