PegMedia Now Supports HD!

We've been working on this for quite a while because we wanted to be sure it was as functional and reliable as possible. We now have HD support up.

This will be a new era for PegMedia and the stations who use the content. This will put us on par with the commercial stations in term of quality for those of us who have HD connections or stream HD signals.

As you know, each producer can have one or more shows. Each show can have one or more episodes. In the past, the video for the episode was only in HD. Now each episode can have both an SD video and an HD video. Or just one format if so desired.

You will notice most of the screens have changed substantially (yet are still familiar) in that they have both information on the SD files and also the the HD files. We see there still being a need for both resolutions going forward for the next few years, gradually going to all HD.

There is a simple color coding for resolution related information. SD is in GREEN and HD is in BLUE (think BluRay).

One technical difference is that while all SD files will be in MPEG2, all HD files will be in MP4, which is a much better encoding method and consistent with software and streaming that uses HD. It will also allow you to easily identify which files are SD and which are HD.

For Producers: You upload your HD video files on the bottom of your show page, the same way you have uploaded you SD shows in the past. You will be able to add an HD video to an existing episode or create a new episode with just an HD video.

All the base functionality should be in place. We will be tweaking it as we go to make it as easy to use as possible. We will be adding functionality for those who have synthesized HD with higher resolution MPEG2 to transfer over to MP4 and retain their download statistics.

We will also be adding functionality in the near future so that only an HD upload will be necessary and we will automatically generate the SD format.

The software has been extensively tested, but there are always a few things that slip though. If you find a problem or have suggestions, please email at

Thanks for your patience and we hope you'll find this useful in your endeavors to continue to bring a large variety of interesting programming to your viewers.

For information on how to render you HD videos, click here