Autogenerate SD Files for Existing Episodes with HD Video Only

If you have episodes with an HD video only and are thinking about adding an SD rendering to it, we now can automatically generate the SD file, upload it and include it as part of the episode. The only cost to you is a few mouse clicks.

To do this autogen, you must be logged in as the producer.

Go to the Detail page for your episode (access from your show page).

At the bottom of the page, you should see a link entitled: Producer Episode Edit/AutoGen SD File. Click on that link.

You will then see a section of the form which says Automatically Generate SD File for This Episode.. Follow the instructions for detail, but basically you select the LETTERBOX radio button and the click on the Submit button at the bottom. We take care of everything after than.

This process will also work if your SD video file is out of date and you wish to sync it with your HD video file.