Programming from Our Global Community

Generally, we think of "community" as being our local town or state. But in many ways our community is also people around the world that are dealing with the same issues and problems as we might be.

A good example of community programming on PegMedia is "Voices of Truth - One-On-One With Hawaii's Future" from Hawaii.

Voices Of Truth showcases everyday people doing their own small part to make the world a better place to live.

Filmed in beautiful lush Hawaii, Voices Of Truth inspires viewers to discover what they can do to contribute and improve their own neighborhood and locale no matter where on earth they are.

Winner of the prestigious Digital Halo Media Activist Award, Voices Of Truth airs in over 90 markets both across the US and internationally and is growing every day. Your viewers will be asking for more!

The show has high production value and a large number of episodes are available with FREE downloads.

Preview their shows with Downloads Here -