Most Downloaded Shows Report Updated for More Information to Producers and Downloading Stations

A recent update of the PegMedia Software has updated our "Most Downloaded Shows" report which is found in the left and side bar under "What's Happening' for all logged in users.

We now include SD and HD downloads in the calculation and the list is now 1,000 shows long instead of 50.

This is a great tool for stations to "mine" for new show ideas by seeing which shows are more popular. It also presents the show list in a different format from some of the other options and allows station an opportunity to look through many show names very quickly.

The calculation of rank is based in total uploads for each show, so a show with more episodes will be at an advantage. Also new shows will be lower in ranking until they start getting downloads.

For a different look at shows, go to "Recent Uploads" and "Recent Downloads" also under "What's Happening".

And stations should follow the "Active Forum Topics" in the right hand sidebar for current information on shows. Also show producers should use the Forum as a way to get the word out about happenings on their shows.

Have fun mining!