New Sketch Comedy Show on PegMedia

Picture a comedy sketch show in the tradition of such classical shows as Monty Python, Benny Hill, and Laugh-In. That's "The Andy Due Show"! And it's all on PegMedia.

While we all love a good quilting show or program about bee-keeping, sometimes public access stations can be lacking in material that is strictly entertaining--enter The Andy Due Show. Is it strictly entertaining?! No...but it's cheap. This show caters to a wide variety of ages, and could help bring in some of the younger demographic not often found enjoying locally produced television. Because of the short length of the episodes (approx. 15 minutes), The Andy Due Show also makes for great filler material or to start off/round off an hour's worth of programming that only has 45 minutes worth of content.

Our show is unique in that it's one of the few independently-produced sketch comedy series available to air, all the while maintaining a (decent) standard of production value and artistry. We enjoy making people laugh, and are seeking to expand our audience. By choosing to air this program, you are not only helping us to achieve this goal, but you will also have access to (very) affordable, entertaining programming.

Check the show out at 20 Episodes are available in HD and SD.