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What is PEGMedia?

With over a thousand stations and programmers participating, PEGMedia is the fastest and easiest way to pack great content onto your channel schedule all day every day.

What's on PEGMedia? 

  • Cooking, arts and music
  • Gardening, fishing and automobiles
  • Public affairs and PSAs
  • Unique cultural programming & so much more! 

Top Downloaded Shows

The Smart Movie Show - Ep 164
SFM Shows
Picone and Bentazos
Baby Blue Arts
Chandler Juliet - Sidewalks Entertainment
Bedside Table - The Garage with Steve Butler
Steve Butler Productions
Rustic Chair - The Garage with Steve Butler
Steve Butler Productions

How does PEGMedia pricing work?

PEGMedia is an open media exchange for all PEG stations. It does cost money to maintain cloud-based content sharing, but we're committed to ensuring that the cost to users is never a barrier to access.

Pricing breakdown: 

  • Uploading content to PEGMedia is always FREE
  • Downloads are 50¢ per GB. A 30 minute show in HD would be roughly 75¢.
  • All downloads are capped at 99¢. That's the most you'll pay for any single show!
  • Program producers can choose to pay for the download fee upfront for any station that wants to air their show. The same pricing structure applies.

Recent Uploads

Concerts in the Park - Andi Fawcett
South Portland Recreation Department
Episode #361 - Aug 26
Smart Movie Show
Episode #297: "The Victim"
Creatures Features
The Inflation Reduction Act's Impact on Public Power Utilities and Rural Electric Co-ops
White House Chronicle
Cinemaniacs - Top Gun: Maverick
Stateside Footy

Ready to Get Started?

Using PEGMedia is simple. First, create a free account. Then, our PEGMedia admins verify that you're either a program producer, PEG station or both. When your account is verified, you'll be on your way to uploading programs to share and finding great content for your channel.
We also have several articles to walk you through the process of setting up an account and using the platform.

News & Updates

0229 Baby Blue Arts Presents ...
0791 Sidewalks Entertainment...
0001 The Garage with Steve ...
Steve Butler productions
0002 The Garage with Steve ...
Steve Butler productions
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