Known Upload Issue With Safari

We are aware of an issue with the Safari browser not being able to support the UPLOAD tool. We hope to have this resolved once the rebuild of the site has been completed, but that will take some time.

In the interim, we recommend Chrome as the best solution, although we have reports that Firefox and Explorer are also working.

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Tightrope Media Systems is Taking the Reins of

PegMedia Inc. recently announced the transfer of ownership of to Tightrope Media Systems, developers of the Cablecast Community Media station automation and multiplatform publishing solutions. Tightrope will now handle all operations and development of and plans to continue PegMedia’s mission of facilitating easy, low-cost content sharing between community media organizations and producers. Read the full statements from Robert Nichols of PegMedia Inc. and Steve Israelsky of Tightrope Media Systems’ Cablecast Division here.

As a user, here are some things you may want to know about this ownership transfer:

Q - What happens to my account?
A - No worries! Your account information, the way you access your account, all your files and activities will stay just as they are. They will not be affected by this ownership change.

Q - Will I need to use Tightrope’s Cablecast products to use in the future?
A - Absolutely not. You can continue to use regardless of your automation platform.

Q - What about my payment/account info and existing credits?
A - Your credit balance will not be affected. Payments will continue to happen the same way.

Q - Will Tightrope change the credit/pricing structure?
A - Nope. Tightrope intends to keep it the way it is.

Q - What is going to change with this ownership transfer?
A- In the interim, the user experience will remain very much the same. One thing you might notice is an increase in content available as Tightrope’s Cablecast team intends to promote to its customers who are not currently using it. In time, Tightrope’s Cablecast team will make updates to improve the user experience, but we intend to keep as accessible and affordable as possible.

We may update this post as we get more questions from users. Do you have a question not addressed here? Reach out to us at

Maine Legislation Restores PEG Stations to Their Original Lower Channels and Adds HD Broadcast Quality!

After Charter/Spectrum unilaterally changed the channel numbers of PEG stations from channels 13 and below to 1301-1303, Maine PEG stations through CTAM - COMMUNITY TELEVISION ASSOCIATION OF MAINE ( fought back in Augusta, our state capital.

In a David vs Goliath battle, we got legislation passed to move the channels back as well as changing our broadcast resolution to HD. It was appealed by Spectrum but we prevailed in the first round. Our stations were moved back to the original channels. Spectrum is also working with stations for technology and pricing to implement HD broadcast.

Spectrum is appealing to a higher level court. We are hoping we will prevail again. This is a key to putting PEG stations on par with commercial broadcast stations in channel positioning and broadcast quality.

The following is a summary of the Legislative initiative to restore PEG channels to their original locations on Charter/Spectrum systems in Maine.

Last year Maine Passed LD1361, An Act To Insure Non-Discriminatory Treatment of PEG Channels By Cable System Operators, Public Law 245:

which, in addition to restoring the channels, provides for other PEG and municipal benefits as well.

This newspaper article describes the issue.

And the local CBS affiliate, WGME provided a follow up to the story:

During the appeals process, by court order, Maine PEG channels were restored to their former locations as of July 31, and the next level of appeals is being heard by the First District Court in Boston in October.

The Maine Attorney General, the Alliance For Community Media, The Alliance for Communications Democracy and Public Knowledge have all filed briefs in support of the Maine Judges decision to uphold the law.

It is hoped that a successful defense of the law here in Maine will prompt other States to follow suit with similar legislation. Stay tuned!

-Submitted by Tony Vigue,
CTAM Legislative Policy Committee

This post is open for comments.

Most Downloaded Shows Report Updated for More Information to Producers and Downloading Stations

A recent update of the PegMedia Software has updated our "Most Downloaded Shows" report which is found in the left and side bar under "What's Happening' for all logged in users.

We now include SD and HD downloads in the calculation and the list is now 1,000 shows long instead of 50.

This is a great tool for stations to "mine" for new show ideas by seeing which shows are more popular. It also presents the show list in a different format from some of the other options and allows station an opportunity to look through many show names very quickly.

The calculation of rank is based in total uploads for each show, so a show with more episodes will be at an advantage. Also new shows will be lower in ranking until they start getting downloads.

For a different look at shows, go to "Recent Uploads" and "Recent Downloads" also under "What's Happening".

And stations should follow the "Active Forum Topics" in the right hand sidebar for current information on shows. Also show producers should use the Forum as a way to get the word out about happenings on their shows.

Have fun mining!

Programming from Our Global Community

Generally, we think of "community" as being our local town or state. But in many ways our community is also people around the world that are dealing with the same issues and problems as we might be.

A good example of community programming on PegMedia is "Voices of Truth - One-On-One With Hawaii's Future" from Hawaii.

Voices Of Truth showcases everyday people doing their own small part to make the world a better place to live.

Filmed in beautiful lush Hawaii, Voices Of Truth inspires viewers to discover what they can do to contribute and improve their own neighborhood and locale no matter where on earth they are.

Winner of the prestigious Digital Halo Media Activist Award, Voices Of Truth airs in over 90 markets both across the US and internationally and is growing every day. Your viewers will be asking for more!

The show has high production value and a large number of episodes are available with FREE downloads.

Preview their shows with Downloads Here -

Welcome to is a media transfer site for PEG (Public, Education, Government) community television stations and producers of media for these stations. This site is an easy way for producers to make their programming known and available to many stations simultaneously and, at the same time, to give stations a wide variety of programming from which to choose.

The media on PegMedia is ONLY for the use of non-profit PEG Community Television Stations and no other purpose unless explicit written permission is obtained by the downloader from the producer of that media. Further or continuing use of the media is always at the discretion of the producer of each piece of media. The download fees on PegMedia only cover the costs of the bandwidth on the PegMedia site and give the downloaders no rights or ownership in the media.

Additionally, at the producer's option media use might have an expiration date or might be made non-available at some future date.

The stations who use PegMedia for content cover tens of millions of cabled homes and represent more than 60% of the total cable viewership in the US, giving producers a very large potential audience.

We welcome producers who are PEG stations, independent producers, musicians, and documentary and film makers, in a wide variety of genre.

Autogenerate SD Files for Existing Episodes with HD Video Only

If you have episodes with an HD video only and are thinking about adding an SD rendering to it, we now can automatically generate the SD file, upload it and include it as part of the episode. The only cost to you is a few mouse clicks.

To do this autogen, you must be logged in as the producer.

Go to the Detail page for your episode (access from your show page).

At the bottom of the page, you should see a link entitled: Producer Episode Edit/AutoGen SD File. Click on that link.

You will then see a section of the form which says Automatically Generate SD File for This Episode.. Follow the instructions for detail, but basically you select the LETTERBOX radio button and the click on the Submit button at the bottom. We take care of everything after than.

This process will also work if your SD video file is out of date and you wish to sync it with your HD video file.

New Feature Added to Autogenerate SD files from Uploaded HD Episode Files When Creating a New Episode

We have added a new feature to PegMedia. Now when you create an episode with an HD file, you will be given an option to have the server automatically render and upload an SD version of the file to PegMedia and make it part of the episode.

This eliminates the need for you to render and then to upload the SD file. Saves you time and gets the SD file up much quicker!

You will be able to generate the SD file in Letterbox or Cropped format depending on your preference. Your HD file can be in 1080P (preferred) or 720P.

The is no additional charge to the producer for either the autogen or the upload.

If you wish to generate and upload your own SD file and make it part of the episode with the HD, that option is still available as it has in the past.

Please let us know (via /at/ if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.

Also, we will shortly be adding capability for you to have an SD file automatically generated for existing episodes with HD files. Stay tuned.

As always, thanks for being part of PegMedia!

PegMedia Now Supports HD!

We've been working on this for quite a while because we wanted to be sure it was as functional and reliable as possible. We now have HD support up.

This will be a new era for PegMedia and the stations who use the content. This will put us on par with the commercial stations in term of quality for those of us who have HD connections or stream HD signals.

As you know, each producer can have one or more shows. Each show can have one or more episodes. In the past, the video for the episode was only in HD. Now each episode can have both an SD video and an HD video. Or just one format if so desired.

You will notice most of the screens have changed substantially (yet are still familiar) in that they have both information on the SD files and also the the HD files. We see there still being a need for both resolutions going forward for the next few years, gradually going to all HD.

There is a simple color coding for resolution related information. SD is in GREEN and HD is in BLUE (think BluRay).

One technical difference is that while all SD files will be in MPEG2, all HD files will be in MP4, which is a much better encoding method and consistent with software and streaming that uses HD. It will also allow you to easily identify which files are SD and which are HD.

For Producers: You upload your HD video files on the bottom of your show page, the same way you have uploaded you SD shows in the past. You will be able to add an HD video to an existing episode or create a new episode with just an HD video.

All the base functionality should be in place. We will be tweaking it as we go to make it as easy to use as possible. We will be adding functionality for those who have synthesized HD with higher resolution MPEG2 to transfer over to MP4 and retain their download statistics.

We will also be adding functionality in the near future so that only an HD upload will be necessary and we will automatically generate the SD format.

The software has been extensively tested, but there are always a few things that slip though. If you find a problem or have suggestions, please email at

Thanks for your patience and we hope you'll find this useful in your endeavors to continue to bring a large variety of interesting programming to your viewers.

For information on how to render you HD videos, click here

Episode Previews UPDATE COMPLETE

Our episode previews have in the past been generated as Flash FLV files. Now that format is no supported by all browsers, meaning the older episode previews were not visible to some users.

We have completed the process of converting the previews over so they will play universally. About 30,000 episodes were affected.

The new previews will be more resolution and load faster.

For episodes with and HD file only or HD and SD file, the previews are in HD aspect ratio and all are up to date.

Thanks for your patience and we have more changes in the works to make your sharing experience even better as we go forward!

UNC Charlotte TV expands to Google Fiber

By Nick Makansi, TV Program Director, UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte TV is now distributed in high definition (HD) on Google Fiber channel 143 in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region, reaching a larger audience than ever. Google Fiber offers its internet and TV services in Charlotte’s Highland Creek, Uptown, South End and Starmount neighborhoods, with several other locations planned for service.

This cable distribution is the fourth outlet for the 21-year-old channel and is the first off campus in high definition. UNC Charlotte TV is distributed in HD through all on-campus buildings, including residence halls, fitness facilities and the Popp Martin Student Union. Other off-campus cable outlets include Spectrum and AT&T U-verse, providing viewers access to educational and cultural content.

UNC Charlotte Television serves approximately 500,000 households in the greater Charlotte area with unique television programming. The channel broadcasts diverse content, ranging from science and international cultural programming to disc golf, statewide shows and more. Additional live content comes from sports contests, campus events and speaker presentations on the main campus or at UNC Charlotte Center City. The channel aims to provide distinct content not regularly carried on traditional PEG channels.

Do you broadcast on an HD channel with SPECTRUM? (For Spectrum PEG stations)

10% (17 votes)
90% (148 votes)
Total votes: 165

Rendering Your Videos for PegMedia Upload

In order for stations playing your video to have the best quality when broadcasting them, it's important to consider the parameters you use for rendering the video file from your editor.

For HD/MP4 files:

For HD files, resolution must be 1080P (1920x1080) or 720P (1280x720), NON-INTERLACED. 1080P is highly recommended. Generally 720P should be used for legacy footage which was shot at a lower resolution.

HD/MP4 rendering guidelines:

H.264 video progressive with AAC audio
File Extension: MP4

Audio Encoder

AAC, Stereo (L R), 48 kHz

Video Encoder

Width and Height: 1080P - 1920x1080 (preferred) or 720P - 1280x720

Bit Rate: 1080P 8-10 Mbps, 720P 8 Mbs
Codec: H264

When uploading, the PegMedia service has the option to create a copy of your HD video in SD format, so that you DO NOT have to create and upload both an HD and SD version of every video. Keep in mind that you need to keep your titles and primary action within the "Title Safe" area if you want the SD version to display correctly. Most video editing software has an option to set that outline on your rendering window for guidance.

For MPEG2 Files:

File Extension: MPG

Audio Encoder

Sample Rate: 48Khz
Codec: MPEG Audio

Video Encoder

Width and Height: NTSC 720x480
Encoder: MPEG2
Bitrate: 3-8 Mbs
Codec Type: MPEG2
Frame Rate: 29.97

Previews on PegMedia

Some viewers no longer see the previews for episodes on PegMedia. That code has not been changed in a long time, but the previews are based around flash, which is being phased out and/or many of the browsers are changing their defaults.

We are working on a new version of the previews but will have to rerender the files and make some code changes before that changes.

In the meantime, we have put some of the new display code in, so you'll see a larger, better picture. As we progress down the upgrade path, the image will get better as well.

For those of you using Chrome, if you try to view a preview and it does not work, try going to:

Depending on how your options are set, you may need to allow using Flash on There is a setting "Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash." which they recommend you choose, but if you do, it never asks about Flash, it just doesn't do it.

As we update the code, we will remove the dependence on Flash completely.

If there are any questions, please private message Admin or email PegMedia.Org - a - t-

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience and thanks for being part of PegMedia.

11 Bravo Vietnam - Great Memorial Day Program

11 Bravo Vietnam is public access at its finest.

This show was created by Vince Gabriel. Vince was in Vietnam in the 1960’s. He’s also a musician. This is his story and music in an excellent and extremely powerful production.

But it’s not just Vince's story and it’s not just about Vietnam. It’s the story of soldiers fighting overseas under extreme conditions. Not only is this relevant to armed forces personnel who are or have been in battle, but it’s also telling a different story from what you normally get in the media.

This is a one-time documentary, but it’s an excellent show to have on file to run now or also to run around Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or other related dates. The show is approximately 55 minutes long and is at

Also, for other shows about Memorial Day or any other topic, try the search at the top of the home page.

UNC Charlotte TV Continues Its HD Reach Through Advancing Technology

By Nick Makansi, TV Program Director, UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte Television serves 500,000 households in the greater Charlotte area with unique television programming. The channel broadcasts diverse content – from science and international culture, racing and statewide programs. Additional live content comes from athletic events, campus events and speaker presentations on the main or uptown campuses. The channel aims to provide diverse content that’s not regularly carried on traditional PEG channels. The channel is distributed in HD on-campus, and in 16:9 SD on Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-verse to an audience of approximately 500,000 households. New to the channel is a dedicated livestream website (, with countdowns to upcoming live events and archives of previous live broadcasts.

The channel is owned and run by UNC Charlotte’s Broadcast Communication department. In addition to the on-air and online channel, the department’s producers develop content around University initiatives and programs, many of which are also aired on UNC-TV, the statewide PBS affiliate. The department also produces a weekly live webcast, highlighting projects and people at the institution. All of these productions air alongside third-party content to promote the university and its programs within the region.

The channel utilizes a centralized MAM solution for storing all of its digital assets, and is searchable through image indexing and text metadata. Additionally, the automated channel runs with a branded graphics border to promote the university. These graphic borders promote university programs related to the content on-air. Automation is run through Playbox with file transcoding and workflow processes through Telestream Vantage. Airable file formats include MPEG2 and the in-house standard, Avid Codec DNX-145 HD. UNC Charlotte TV also utilizes several levels of Tricasters and Dejeros, a IP/cellular-bonding solution for live event production. Vidoegraphers and producers primarily utilize P2 production cameras and Cannon C300 DSLR cameras in the field, and edit on Avid MediaComposer.

The channel looks forward to transforming and evolving with the next generation of television, and tackles new technology changes regularly.

FOR STATIONS: What video encoding format does your playback server currently take?

50% (116 votes)
6% (13 votes)
44% (103 votes)
Total votes: 232

For PRODUCERS AND STATIONS: Do you film and edit your videos in HD?

Not currently. No plans to film in HD.
3% (10 votes)
Not currently, but we have plans to film in HD.
5% (14 votes)
We film in HD, but edit in SD.
13% (36 votes)
We film in HD and edit in HD.
79% (228 votes)
Total votes: 288

Dakota Media Access in HD!

Dakota Media Access in Bismarck North Dakota cablecasts in HD.

Midcontinent Communications is the cable provider and they use Tightrope Media Systems servers.

If you're broadcasting in HD, but not on the list, please email so we can include you.

More Communities with HD PEG Broadcasting

The trend is continuing!

So far we have Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Verizon, Cox and RCN as providers. Most of the stations are using TelVue Servers.

If you (or others you know) are not on this list and are HD, please email so we can let others know that progress is being made. And comments are enabled on this post for more input...

The silence of PEG stations and HD is turning into a definite whisper. Let's work to make it a ROAR!

  • Philadelphia, PA. (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • St. Paul, Minnesota (Comcast)
  • White Bear Lake, Minnesota and 10 other communities that are part of the Ramsey Washington Suburban Cable Commission, Minnesota (Comcast)
  • Portland, Oregon (Comcast) (former TelVue, using ProVues too)
  • Gresham, Oregon (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • Vancouver, Washington (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • Tacoma, Washington (Comcast)
  • Manhattan, New York (Verizon, Time Warner, RCN)
  • Brooklyn, New York (Verizon, Time Warner, Cablevision) (former TelVue)
  • Bronx, New York (Verizon, Cablevision) (former TelVue)
  • Chicago, Illinois (RCN) (partial TelVue user)
  • Fairfax County, Virginia (Cox) (former TelVue)
  • Brookline, Massachusetts (RCN) (Just Play)
  • Burlington, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Framingham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Lexington, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Longmeadow, Massachusetts (Comcast) (Telvue Server)
  • Natick, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Needham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Newton, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Stoneham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)
  • Waltham, Massachusetts (RCN) (Telvue Server)

Longmeadow. Massachusetts goes HD with TelVue


On March 13, Channel 809 in Longmeadow, Mass., became the first Comcast PEG channel on the East Coast to broadcast in high definition. Although the announcement on the LCTV website was modest, the implications for PEG are huge—Longmeadow Community TV is a test case in that elusive PEG goal: transition to the HD tier.

“We were ready to do it and convinced Comcast it was time,” said LCTV Board Chair Steve Wolman.“It was a matter of networking, developing relationships with people in Comcast at our end, and having the equipment ready to go.”

Project Coordinator Tracey Durant works a camera in LCTV's studio.

Being HD-ready was key. Longmeadow recently had to move its studio, and took advantage of the move to build out entirely in HD. The station bought seven new cameras (three Sony HXCD70K for in studio, four Sony EVI-HD1 with RM-BR300 controllers for the community meeting room), installed a new switcher (For-A Hanabi HVS-390HS) and routing, converted to digital audio and upgraded the lighting (two Cool-Lux CL-500BFV lights were added in addition to Altman 650L Fresnels and an Arri Soft 2000). With the addition of a TelVue HD HyperCaster broadcast system for playout, the transition was complete.

PhillyCAM Now Cablecasting in Gorgeous HD on Comcast 966

Editor's Note: The following announcement is extremely important to PEG stations because it represents a change in the position of at least one forward thinking cable company, Comcast, regarding providing HD broadcasting capability to PEG stations. This new trend can only help not only PEG stations and their viewers, but cable companies as well as they start providing high quality community programming.

This story has been opened for comments which we hope any stations wishing to contribute to this dialog to participate in.

Additionally, we welcome similar announcements from other PEG stations from around the country (or world) as we all are progressing towards ubiquitous HD programming. Please email if you have your own success story."

PhillyCAM announced July 1, 2015 that it is now cablecasting unique hyper local television in high definition (HD) on Comcast 966. Philadelphia's public access channel joins only a handful of community television stations around the country to have successfully made this transition. Here is video of today's announcement here: &video=241545

"Our community-based producers have been creating video content in high-definition for some time but our cable channels on Comcast and Verizon were only available in standard definition. It is a real validation of their work that it is now being seen in the quality it was intended", commented PhillyCAM Executive Director Gretjen Clausing.

The upgrade to HD was negotiated by the City and Comcast as part of the 2007 cable franchise amendment clearing the way for the launch of PhillyCAM. Guaranteed HD broadcasting was one of the many future-proofing provisions that grassroots cable activists fought for as part of their campaign to bring public access television to Philadelphia. This past fall, the City of Philadelphia made the request to Comcast to upgrade the channel and Comcast worked with PhillyCAM over the past 7 months to ensure that all Comcast subscribers in Philadelphia can now enjoy PhillyCAM's award winning content on a state of the art HD channel.

Determining the Dynamics of PEG Access Drones

By Aaron Todd, Leightronix

For quite a while now, drones have been an interesting and somewhat controversial topic. They first became entrenched in our culture with the advent of unmanned military drones. Ethical issues aside, these machines are an absolute technical marvel, representing years of aeronautical research and engineering. Perhaps it was these military-focused models that initially caused drones to seep into the consumer world, giving rise to the subject of this blog post: the commercial drone and its uses in community broadcasting.

Commercially-purchased drones have been gaining in popularity in recent years, which has in turn led to a reduction in price. For a couple hundred dollars, your organization can employ the use of a drone that can be fitted with a camera for recording video, or spend a bit more for a drone that already comes equipped with such a device right out of the box. From there, encoding that digital video content through an IncodeX Vier™ or UltraNEXUS-HD™ from a PC is the only additional required step to broadcast aerial footage directly to your PEG station or VieBit™ streaming solution. For the first time ever, getting high-quality aerial shots is affordable enough for PEG broadcasters or private organizations to take advantage of.

For the complete article on PEG Access Drones, see

Search Capability on PegMedia

Search for PegMedia now appears at the top of the home page.

This uses Google search and is very fast. It indexes the content part of the PegMedia site.

This should be a valuable capability for creating program blocks, such as for upcoming spring searching on "Gardens" or "boating" or for Memorial Day searching for "Veterans", etc. Or just play around with a few searchs of favorite'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

After performing a search, if you wish to close up the results box, click on the X to the right of the Search button. All normal Google search constructs (such as "", +, -, etc) should work.

Attention Show Producers: The search will use the Show and Episode descriptions (which you provide). To make your show more interesting and findable, be sure to include pertinent words and phrases in the text for the descriptions so the search will be more likely to strike gold. If you have blank episode descriptions, you're losing out on a great promotion opportunity

"Voices of the Holocaust" Now on PegMedia

Growth Media Productions announces the release of the documentary "Voices of the Holocaust," to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland. The film features interviews with nine Holocaust survivors recounting their stories of heartbreak and hope through the dark days of World War II.

"To the current generation, World War II is ancient history," says executive producer Darla Gaige. "It is something that they read about in their history books, but isn't real to them. Seeing these individuals, hearing their stories, changes that. It takes it out of the realm of abstract and makes it real and personal to them."

"This was one of the hardest films I have ever done, but also one of the most fulfilling," says co-executive producer, Clint Gaige. "I look at my kids, and can't imagine what it must have been like to have your childhood marked by one of the most tragic events in human history. And while their stories are heartbreaking, I have never seen a more inspiring group of individuals."

Voices of the Holocaust is available for free download to public and educational television stations through at

FOR STATIONS ONLY. Does your cable provider CURRENTLY allow you to broadcast in HD? Feel free to add comments below.

NO - Comcast
44% (113 votes)
NO - Time Warner
17% (44 votes)
NO - Cox
4% (10 votes)
NO - Charter
11% (28 votes)
1% (3 votes)
NO - Other providers
13% (33 votes)
YES - Comcast
3% (9 votes)
YES - Time Warner
1% (2 votes)
YES - Cox
1% (3 votes)
YES - Charter
1% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
YES - Other Providers
4% (10 votes)
Total votes: 258

It's Gardening Time!

It's that time of year when many people are thinking about gardening. Gardeners and those who dream of being gardeners love gardening programs.

On PegMedia, we have several gardening programs which might be great for broadcasting this time of year. They include:

New Addition: Garden Thyme

Coastal Gardens


Gardening Rhythms

Emilys Garden

Take a look and maybe give some a try!

What Internet TV Device Do You Use Personally (Select Primary One)? If "other", list in Comment if you'd like to.

32% (76 votes)
11% (25 votes)
13% (31 votes)
16% (39 votes)
Do not use an internet TV device
28% (67 votes)
Total votes: 238


Film in SD, Render in SD Only
22% (44 votes)
Film in HD, Render in SD Only
21% (42 votes)
Film in HD, Render in SD and HD
40% (82 votes)
Film in HD, Render in HD Only
18% (36 votes)
Total votes: 204
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