Creating Episodes

You can create episodes on a show that has been created by you, and approved by a Pegmedia moderator. An episode is an item within a show that has a video file associated with it.

Creating a new episode

Create episode button on Show
  1. Navigate to the show that you want to create an episode on
  2. If the show is approved, You'll see "Create Episode" next to your "Edit" and "Delete" buttons
  3. Give the episode a title and description
  4. Upload a video file for the episode
    Valid formats include: mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov or avi
  5. Click "Save" to start the upload & creation of the episode

Certain attributes about your episode are fetched from the file that you upload, and cannot be changed. This items include:

  • Thumbnail Preview
  • Preview Video
  • Runtime
  • Filesize
  • Price dollar amount

If you need to change the episode title, description or video, you may do so by clicking "Edit" in the episode page.

Modifying sponsorship for episodes

If you want to change how users pay for your content, this must be done on the parent "Show" and cannot be changed on an episode by episode basis.

Uploading replacement video

If you for whatever reason need to change the video on an episode, you can do so by clicking "Edit" on the top right of your episode. Please note that you must wait for any active server-side transcodes before you can upload a new video file.