Managing Funds

Funds are used to purchase new episodes that you may be interested in, or to fund shows that you are sponsoring for users to download at no cost to them.

Viewing Wallet Amount

You can view your current wallet balance in two locations:

  • Top right of the page by your name
  • In the "My Funds" page

Adding Funds

You can add funds to your wallet by visiting "My Funds" on the side navigation bar. In the section titled "Add funds", you can enter an amount that you'd like to replenish to your wallet. Clicking "Proceed to payment" will ask for your credit card details to complete the transaction.

Upon completion, your wallet funds will increase by the amount that you specified.

Viewing Transaction History

You can see debit & credits on your account within the "My Funds" page. On the transaction table, you can find:

  • Date of the transaction
  • Type of transaction (Credit or debit)
  • The amount of the transaction
  • The episode the transaction is related to. This button will bring you to the episode.

Transaction Security

In addition to our website / application using an SSL certificate to encrypt data between us and the platform, we actually don't process your card information ourselves, and we never see it. All your card information is securely handled by our card processor. Our card processor encrypts your card transaction & information with AES-256.

The card processor we use is an industry leading provider and take security very seriously. Since our website is not accessible outside of our SSL certificate / connection, your card information is kept secure. We don't store any card information on any of our servers. The only information kept by us on hand is transaction history, which only stores the user account, the transaction date and the transaction amount(s).