Reviewing Download Analytics

As a producer that owns a Show, you can review download statistics for your show & its episodes.

You can only view download reports for shows that you own. You are unable to see reports for shows that you do not own.

Reviewing Stats on a Single Show

The Summary view of a show

If you're curious to drill into who's downloading your shows episodes at a high level, you can do this from the show page. You have access to some different information here:

  • Total Downloads: All downloads across all types of users. Both stations and producers.
  • Households Reached: Across the stations that downloaded your episode(s), their accumulative "subscriber counts" that the station reported having.
  • Stations Reached: Downloads across only stations.

You can view more of these reports:

  1. Navigate to the show that you own
  2. Find the "Download Report" section.
  3. Click "View All" for the section that you'd like to view additional details on.

Reviewing Stats on Specific Episodes

Just like viewing download reports on a Show, you can also view download reports on specific episodes only, showing just the download counts for that single episode. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the show that you own
  2. Select an episode you'd like to view reporting on
  3. Under the episodes "Download Report", click "View all" on the report you want to view more of.

Understanding Report Columns

Example of downloads

When viewing a report, you can see more columns of data pertaining to each download associated with that record.

  • Downloaded On: When the user downloaded the content.
  • Organization: The org the user is associated with.
  • Website: The orgs website, which can be used to find more information or contact info.

Legacy Downloads Numbers

All download historic data was migrated and imported from the previous iteration of pegmedia. No data was lost as part of the migration. If it was accessible on the old pegmedia website, it should be also accessible now.