Creating Shows

Creating a show is the first step towards sharing your content with other individuals and stations. The process is quite simple. Once logged in, Click on "My Shows" on the left navigation.

"My Shows" is where you'll see all of your shows that you own. It is important to understand that a "Show" contains "Episodes". So if your show is a series, you'll have multiple episodes. Otherwise, if your show is a one-off, it'll have one "episode".

Creating a new show

To create a new show:

  1. Click on the "New Show" button in the upper right.
  2. Populate the fields for your show.
  3. Once you have completed populating your fields, Click "Save Changes".
  4. An administrator will review your show submission, and once approved, it will be visible to other users of the application

Understanding Show Fields

  • Show Name: This is the name of your show. Episode names are defined when creating "Episodes".
  • Hide Show: If you're not quite ready for people to see your content, you can hide it here. (Note: By default, your show is hidden until it has episodes)
  • Show Description: What is your show about? This should be broad, and you can define episode descriptions on an episode basis.
  • Notes to Stations: Help stations understand more about this show. This can be useful for sharing some more inside information about your show.
  • State Where Show is Produced: What state was your show produced in? This will help showing your show to other users of your state, as well as impacting download costs depending on which method you select later.
  • Type of Show: Define the category of your show. Is it episodic? Is it a documentary?
  • Party Responsible for Download Costs: You have three options for how people have access to your show.
    "Users cover download cost" : Users will be charged to download the content depending on the filesize
    "Producer covers all download costs" : You as a producer will be charged for downloads
    "Producer covers costs for users in their state" : You as a producer will be charged for downloads in your state only. Users outside of your state will have to pay for the content themselves from their funds.
  • Frequency of Episodes: How often should people expect to roughly see new content?